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Workers' Compensation Shoulder Injury Could Involve Many Body Parts

Some shoulder injuries are just that work related shoulder injuries and don't involve multiple body parts but some ore more complicated.  Under the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act, values are given to each body part. Some by statute and some by regulation.  The old example we always use is that if you had a workers' compensation arm injury and lost your entire arm then you would be entitled to 220 weeks of compensation.  There is a case in South Carolina that basically says if you injure only one body part then you can only recover workers' compensation for that one body part.  So is a workers ccompensastion shoulder injury one body part or more?

Workers Compensation Shoulder Injury Can be Complex for a non-Lawyer

The shoulder is an area where multiple body parts come together.  Doctors treat the shoulder as just a shoulder but workers comp may treat it differently.  I routinely see where people with shoulder injuries have their bicep tendons cut in order to repair the shoulder.  The bicep tendon is part of the arm not the shoulder.  I routinely see where a shoulder surgery also requires shaving of the acromion which is a separate body part under the South Carolina Workers' Comp Act. I recently had a case where the injured worker broke his clavicle and injured his shoulder. The carrier said this was a shoulder injury only while we argued that it was two body parts.  So a shoulder injury can be more than one body part if some recognizes it to be.

The importance of two body parts is that when you have a significant on the job injury that prevents you from returning to work you need more than one body part usually to get permanent and total disability benefits.  Aside from making sure all of your injuries receive medical treatment, that is the reason to make sure all body parts are covered under the workers comp claim. 

Workers Compensation Shoulder Injury Lawyer

With the primary location in Greenville, SC but serving the entire state of South Carolina, upstate workers' compensation shoulder injury lawyer, Ryan Montgomery, understands that a shoulder injury may not be just a shoulder injury. He makes sure that all of the injured body parts are recognized, addressed and cared for with an emphasis on his client's health and future.  If you have a work related shoulder injury then contact workers comp injury attorney, Ryan Montgomery, for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your claim, rights, health and future.  (800) 519-0297

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