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Attorney Impact on South Carolina Commerce

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Attorney Impact on South Carolina Commerce

It's always interesting to me when people claim that attorneys are the root of all evil.  Often we even hear our governor in South Carolina talking about "trial attorneys" and how they hurt our State.  Most recently she spoke about how the workers' compensation system is becoming more conservative based upon her appointments and is proud that the system is not providing less protection for an injured South Carolinian.  It is obvious that many people do not like a personal injury lawyer but before you begin to hate, let's look at how lawyers help the State of South Carolina.

Lawyers Help The Ecomony in South Carolina

In a recent study by the South Carolina School of Business it was estimated that lawyers comprised nearly 13,000 jobs in South Carolina and payroll of all employees constituted $1.7 Billion of economic activity in this State. This economic activity leads to an additional $1 Billion in household spending and positive economic impact in South Carolina. 

Lawyer Activity By Region

The Upstate of South Carolina represented nearly $486 Million in Economic activity.  These counties included Greenville, Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, Laurens, Spartanburg, Cherokee, etc.   

According to the same report, the "legal profession in South Carolina is a diverse professional service industry that interacts and contributes to many sectors of the state's economy. With nearly 13,000 lawyers and legal staff members working in South Carolina, the legal profession has a strong economic footprint in the state. This employment level is estimated to have a total economic impact of over $2.6 billion annually on South Carolina's economy. In addition, this level of employment leads to an additional 10,050 jobs through the economic multiplier effect, totaling approximately 23,008 jobs in South Carolina that can be attributed to the presence of the legal profession. These jobs correspond to over $1.2 billion in labor income."

Make Your Own Decisions

Before you believe the political rhetoric that is out there today, meet an attorney and ask them about what they do in a given day. You might be amazed.  While there are a few bad apples in every profession most lawyers are ethical, experienced and good at what they do.  They have families, are members of local churches and give back to the community.  Simply put, make up your own mind based upon your own personal experience.


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