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How to Fight Low Ball Property Damage Estimates

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How to Fight Low Ball Property Damage Estimates

Property Damage Claim Car Accident.jpgI get countless calls from folks that are not injured in a car accident and are not trying to fake a claim to be made whole. Instead they are doing the right thing and looking to the insurance adjuster to do the right thing as well.  All they want is for the insurance company give them fair market value on the damaged vehicle or give them the proper estimate amount.

Unfortunately this does not always happen and this blog entry will tell you your options:

Read on to find out how to get the fair price for your car wreck and property damage.

Most Attorneys will Not Handle A Property Damage Claim Alone

Personally, I do not take property damage claims. The reason I don't is because I cannot work on a contingency and an hourly rate would make my clients lose money when they are usually fighting over $500-$1,000.  I will handle the property damage aspects of a claim for a client that also has a personal injury claim arising out of the car wreck. 

How to Fight the Property Damage Without An Attorney

If you receive property damage from a motor vehicle collision in the State of South Carolina then you should be able to recover several things not just the property damage associated with the car:

  1. the fair market value of your vehicle if it is a total loss;
  2. Repair of your vehicle to its pre-collision state (if not a total loss);
  3. A rental car while your car is in the shop.
  4. Loss of us for every day you weree unable to use your vehicle or not provided a rental. This is set at $25.00 per day;
  5. Contrary to what the insurance company will tell you, you can gt depreciation on your vehicle meaning the difference on its value pre accident and now post accident.

Insurance companies will not just pay you the true value the damage. They are a business and they make money buy not paying money out.  So if a lawyer will not represent you on a property damage claim then what can you do?

You really have two choices.  First, you can accept the offer from the insurance adjuster. Many times delay and being a pain will simply wear the person down where they don't want to fool with it any longer.

Second, if you want to fight it then you can file a Property Arbitration claim with the Clerk of Court in the county the collision happened or defendant lives. It routinely only costs five ($5.00) dollars. That's it.

If you are unsure about property damage arbitration then read this all you need to know about property damage auto arbitration.

In addition, once you file a claim and a hearing is set you will be appear before three lawyers (unless both sides agree to 1 attorney) in the county in which you filed the request for thearing.  More likely than not, you will get a better shot at fair market value and in my experience, once the claim is filed and a hearing requested the insurance adjuster offer usually goes up.  

Personal Injury and Property Damage Lawyer

If you need additional information about your car accident then give Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law, LLC a call to schedule a free consultation to be walked through these issues and any others. (800) 519-0297 or (864) 558-5282

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