Concert And Event Accidents

Have you been the victim of an accident while at a concert in South Carolina? Many national acts play at various venues throughout South Carolina including places in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Greenville and Spartanburg. In addition to musical acts comedians, children’s theater groups and other types of entertainers play in S.C. all year round. Accidents and injuries that happen while at any type of event can alter your life for years to come. It is a wise decision to seek the help of a personal injury attorney handling concert and event accidents.

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Whether it is a concert, a sporting event, or an event or any other attraction where a large crowd may gather there are certain obligations imposed upon the event facility, concert promoter and organizers of the event. These events are required to be planned in such a manner that attendees are kept safe during entry and exit as well as while on site for the event.There are times when event are understaffed, exits not clearly marked or too many people are permitted to enter the sporting event. In this day and age where there are so many of these events, OSHA has even established proper event planning information to help event holders plan for the event. These “short cuts” can lead to a host of event injuries such as:

1. Heat stroke

2. Crushing injuries

3. Stampede injuries

4. Smoke inhalation in the event of a fire

5. Failure to keep proper crowd control and so on (negligent security)

6. Assaults and sexual assaults

7. Slip and fall accidents

8. Restroom accidents

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    Sporting Event Injury Lawyer

    When a team, college, or band invites you to purchase a ticket for their event, they have a duty to keep you safe.

    They have a duty to warn. They have a duty to train their employees. They have a duty to repair hazards and so on.

    Liability In Event Accidents

    In many cases there are more than one liable party in a concert, event or sporting event accident. This is due to the fact that numerous businesses, companies and organizations play a part in putting the show on. Liable parties can be promoters, designers, builders, transportation companies, cleaning agencies, contractors, subcontractors and the acts management company.

    It is not uncommon for these cases to have third parties who are liable according to South Carolina third party liability laws.

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