Greenville Shoulder Injury Lawyer

Work-related shoulder injuries occur in all jobs but they seem to be more common in repetitive jobs. We see rotator cuff injuries in manufacturing jobs, production jobs, construction jobs, and jobs that use vibrating tools. If you have a work-related shoulder injury or rotator cuff injury then you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Contact Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law, LLC, for a free consultation to discuss your workers’ compensation claim. Mr. Montgomery serves the Anderson, Columbia, Greenville, Lexington and Orangeburg, SC areas.

Denied Shoulder Injury Claim

Many workers’ compensation shoulder injury claims are denied in the beginning especially when they arise out of repetitive injury or repetitive trauma. There are a couple of reasons. First, shoulder injuries can be very expensive injuries, as rotator cuff surgery or shoulder replacement surgery can be quite expensive. In addition, the shoulder has a high value under South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law. The second reason these claims are denied is that it is often difficult for the employee to get back to work as a shoulder injury can affect the arm and the neck leading to increased benefits, medical and compensation and hurting the potential to return to work. Don’t let your denied claim stay denied. Get the benefits to which you are entitled.

South Carolina Rotator Cuff Injury Lawyer

We understand our clients’ injuries. We understand that a shoulder injury can be very difficult to overcome and that you may not ever be the same again. Richland County Personal Injury Lawyer Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law, LLC, has represented clients in rotator cuff injury and shoulder injury cases across the state of South Carolina. We seek to obtain the proper medical treatment so our clients have a speedy recovery, but in the event they cannot recover to the point where they were, then we seek to obtain as much compensation as possible for our clients to help and protect them long into the future.

There is no charge for your consultation to discuss your rotator cuff injury or shoulder injury. Call to schedule your free consultation with a Columbia, SC rotator cuff injury lawyer or an Orangeburg shoulder injury attorney at Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law, LLC. Call 864-343-7333 today.