Questions to Ask Yourself If you Were Injured in an Accident

Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law provides the highest quality legal services to those who were wrongfully injured in an accident. The infographic below answers questions you should ask yourself if you were injured in an accident. This will help you decide if you need to contact our firm. For more details or questions, you can […]

Drunk Driver Car Accidents

Drunk Driver Car Accidents Many clients come to our firm after having been hit by a drunk driver.  They may have met with other lawyers or done some online research.  Those potential clients are often under the impression that their financial recovery is limited to the at fault driver.  This isn’t always the case and […]

car accident on south carolina freeway

​Be Careful During Snow Conditions to Avoid Auto Accidents

Snow and icy conditions may occur this winter in upstate South Carolina, closer to the mountain region of the Palmetto State. We aim to educate drivers so they are not ill-prepared for nasty traffic conditions. In addition to snowy weather, South Carolina drivers often face slushy or icy conditions, including black ice, which can quickly […]

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​Information About Wrongful Death Claims in SC

In September 2018, two female patients being transported to a mental health hospital drowned when their van became stuck in floodwaters. The Horry County, South Carolina, jail van, with two deputy sheriffs on board as well, was traveling near the Little Pee Dee River, which had been rising in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. The […]

uber driver

​The Recent Uber Debate

The “gig economy,” where workers seek additional income acting as independent contractors is becoming a fact of life in the modern world as wage growth remains stagnant. For some, it’s the sole source of income. However, the benefits of being an employee are lost to those workers, like ride-sharing drivers who may find themselves injured […]