Injured on the Job? Here Are Some Answers

Injured on the Job? Here Are Some Answers How Long Do I have to Report a Workers Comp Injury? Under South Carolina Law you have 90 days to report an injury from the date you knew, or should have known, you had the injury.  Repetitive Trauma cases like carpal tunnel or others can be tricky […]

Study Names Greer, South Carolina Drivers as the Worst in the Nation

Some South Carolina Drivers Top the List for Worst Drivers An insurance Quote website has released a study that determines the Nation’s worst drivers.  As expected there are some larger cities like Boston, Indianapolis and Milwaukee.  Those larger cities have nothing on Greer, South Carolina, Greer tops the list with the worst drivers in the […]

Can I Sue My Employer For Injuries?

Work Injury Limited to Workers’ Compensation Claim One of the questions I get frequently is whether or not a person can sue their employer if they are injured on the job when the employer is at fault for the injury. The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act and system is called a “no fault” system.  This […]

police chase accident south carolina

​South Carolina in Top 10 Nationally for Police Pursuit Fatalities

Deaths as a result of police pursuits occur all over the nation. However, in the state of South Carolina, the number of deaths is much higher than in most other states. Among these deaths are many losses that could have been prevented if police officers had behaved differently. If your loved one has died as […]

Data Reveals One Drug More Responsible Than Others for SC Driver Fatalities

According to data evaluated by, an authoritative resource of information on alcohol abuse and treatment rehabilitation, South Carolina ranks second in the U.S. for fatal alcohol-related vehicle accidents. There’s also been a rise in the number of driving deaths associated with drugs. To arrive at their findings, the investigators at utilized National Highway […]

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