vaping injury

Vaping Lawsuits: What To Do If You Become Sick

When vaping was originally brought to market, it was advertised as something that would be a great alternative to smoking. While the best alternative is to not smoke, this was made to be something that would be healthier and that many people could use to kick their bad habit entirely. Now that these have been […]

hot car

Prevent Hot Car Deaths

In 2018, South Carolina led the nation in hot car deaths. This is a statistic that no one wants to be a part of. Five of the six children who perished were allegedly forgotten in the car while their caregivers went about their day. Unfortunately, this scenario is becoming all too familiar. No one ever thinks […]

Averitt Express Trucking Accident

Averitt Express Truck Involved in trucking Accident With Car Downtown Greenville Breaking news out of Greenville, South Carolina where an Averitt Express Truck and a small car have been in an accident on Beattie Place in downtown Greenville. At this time, it is unclear who is at fault for the accident but any time there […]

Trucking Accident Wrecks on the Rise

Greenville South Carolina Trucking Crashes Recently the Greenville, South Carolina I-85 and I-385 interchange and roadwork finished. Now with that work done, the work has shifted north on I-85 above Spartanburg where the interstate goes into two lanes and is a mess thereby leading to more crashes. Semi-trucks are instructed to use the left lane […]

teen driver

How to Talk to Teens About Driving Safely

Every day, about six teens aged between 16 and 19 die in car accidents. More are injured; sometimes with life altering injuries. It’s vital for parents and caregivers to talk to teens about driving safely. Even after the driving training classes are over, parents need to remind teens about road safety. But how can parents talk to […]