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​What to Know Before You Get Behind the Wheel of Your Golf Cart in South Carolina

Beaufort County and Hilton Head Island are famous for their large number of golf carts used by tourists and residents alike. In addition, Golf Carts have become more common in some downtown areas like Greenville and Anderson, but new changes to South Carolina law are poised to affect how golf cart usage is regulated. Before […]

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South Carolina’s “Move Over” Statute

We all probably know that emergency responders, police officers and tow truck operators have a potentially dangerous job when they need to stop on the side of a busy road to help another driver–but many South Carolinians are breaking a traffic law designed to protect them without even realizing it. The Move Over Law Enacted […]

21 Injured in Upstate South Carolina School Bus Crash

Traffic accidents are an all too common occurrence on South Carolina roadways and school buses are certainly no exception. According to the original story on a local NBC affiliate station, seventeen children and 4 adults were injured in a school bus crash in Greenwood county. The accident occurred around 1:15pm on the 19th of October on […]

South Carolina Injury Guide To Social Media

Social Media Guide for the South Carolina Injured You’ve been hurt in a car accident or you have a workers’ compensation injury and now you worry someone might be watching you or your social media sites.  Well, you are probably right.  There is a growing trend among employers, insurance adjusters and attorneys to search your […]

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​One Officer Dead Six Wounded in Florence SC Shooting

Officer Terrance Carraway was laid to rest in Florence, South Carolina, after an ambush style shooting in an upscale section of the community. Carraway was one of seven officers shot by 74-year-old Frederick Hopkins, a disbarred attorney with increasingly frequent run-ins with the law. Hundreds of residents flocked to a local church to honor and remember […]