​Alarming South Carolina Roadway Statistics

South Carolina roadways represent a dangerous threat to health and safety. The South Carolina Department of Safety keeps detailed records about the accidents, injuries and deaths that occur on South Carolina roadways. When you look a the facts, there are some alarming SC roadway statistics.

South Carolina Crash Statistics

When you look at crash statistics alone in South Carolina, the numbers are staggering:

According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, there is one traffic accident every 4.7 minutes. A traffic accident can be anything from a fender bender to a multiple vehicle pile-up on the interstate. A property crash can involve a neighbor backing into your mailbox or a drunk driver crashing into your bedroom while you’re sleeping. There is one property crash every 6.6 minutes. It pays to be prepared for traffic accidents. Even though by their very nature accidents can’t be predicted, you can prepare by being aware of the statistics and by having an auto accident attorney’s contact information on hand for when it’s needed.

SC Vehicle Accident Injury Statistics

The statistics about South Carolina vehicle accidents involving injuries are frightening. Again, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety provides very good information about these facts and figures. For example, in South Carolina alone:

  • One person sustains injuries involving a vehicle accident every 8.5 minutes.
  • Every 8.6 hours, one person dies because of a vehicle accident.
  • Every 26.5 hours, a person is killed from a vehicle accident involving a .08 or higher DUI.
  • A teen is either injured or dies in a vehicle accident every 1.3 hours.
  • Bicyclists are fatally injured every 15.3 days.
  • Motorcyclists are fatally injured every 2.5 days.
  • Pedestrians are fatally injured every 2.5 days.

The worst statistic of all involves children. On South Carolina roadways, one child under the age of six is either seriously injured or killed in vehicle accidents once every eight days.

These statistics are are too terrible to ignore.

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