​Be Careful During Snow Conditions to Avoid Auto Accidents

Snow and icy conditions may occur this winter in upstate South Carolina, closer to the mountain region of the Palmetto State. We aim to educate drivers so they are not ill-prepared for nasty traffic conditions. In addition to snowy weather, South Carolina drivers often face slushy or icy conditions, including black ice, which can quickly cause dangerous accidents.

Snow-Related Accidents in SC

In 2017, there were 499 collisions in the state with snowy, icy or slushy road conditions, including 113 with injuries involving 125 people.

The numbers were far worse in 2016, when there were a staggering 911 accidents with those same road conditions. Those collisions included 202 with injuries that resulted in 278 hurt people, including 8 fatalities.

That adds up to a lot of pain and suffering, lost wages, costly medical expenses and rehabilitation.

Safe Driving Tips

The state Department of Public Safety recommends that drivers think slow when there’s snow, ice, sleet or slush — slower speeds, slower steering, slower braking and slower acceleration. The state department offers some other helpful tips:

  • Speed. Reduce speed when approaching bridges, shady spots, intersections and off-ramps, which are often coated in black ice.
  • Distance. Add three times the typical driving distance from vehicles in front of you.
  • Braking. Gentle braking helps avoid skids.
  • Road Conditions. Infrequently traveled roads, bridges and overpasses tend to freeze first.
  • Stay Alert. Look farther ahead than you typically do.
  • Cruise Control. Don’t use it in winter driving conditions.

What Should I Do If My Car Starts to Skid?

A skidding car can be a terrifying experience, but it’s important to stay calm and focus on a few important tasks:

  • Don’t hit the brakes.
  • Take your foot off the accelerator.
  • Turn in the direction of the skid (the direction in which the back of the car is moving).
  • Accelerate gently as you come out of the skid.

Car Accident Legal Advice

If you do find yourself injured in a winter car accident, you need an advocate like Ryan Montgomery on your side. His expertise in car accident law can help you recover lost wages and income, medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, and gain damages for pain and suffering. Contact one of the lawyers at Ryan Montgomery Attorney At Law, LLC, for an initial consultation. Call (864) 362-3183.