​Firework Negligence and Injury in South Carolina

You see them pop up about two weeks before the 4th of July – the ready-made fireworks stands that fill the state from Columbia to the beaches and everywhere in between. New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day and Labor Day have become big fireworks holidays as well, leading a packed emergency room on these otherwise festive days.

Learning more about South Carolina’s fireworks laws and discovering what to do if you have been injured by fireworks can protect you in the event of an injury on a holiday – or any day.

“Hold My Beer” and Fireworks Risk

Despite the fun nature of picnics and parties by the lake or sea and the spectacle of night time fireworks, alcohol and risk taking add to the potential danger on these holidays. When the person who is responsible for the fireworks makes a mistake – from using them incorrectly to setting them off too close to others or combining too many fireworks at the same time the results can be disastrous. User error and negligence when handling fireworks is a leading cause of injury; after all fireworks are essentially explosives and incendiary devices.

Product Malfunction

Fireworks that have not been made properly or that lack the proper directions also pose a risk. Fireworks that light prematurely can injure even a responsible user, and old or outdated fireworks sold to an unsuspecting buyer pose a fire and explosion risk as well. Since fireworks are designed to fly and explode, burns and other trauma injuries are possible to bystanders and those using the fireworks.

A healthy respect for fire and explosives, along with proper storage and following the directions on the fireworks can help reduce but not eliminate risk. If you attend a firework show and are injured as a bystander you may be able to recover your losses and get compensation for your injuries. Depending on the circumstances, the person using the fireworks, the facility hosting the event, or the fireworks manufacturer could be to blame for your injuries.

Get Help from a South Carolina Attorney

Fireworks injuries can be catastrophic and determining who is to blame is sometimes not clear cut. A South Carolina Attorney can help you by researching your case and determining if the fireworks were defective or if the person or entity who injured you was negligent. Contact us today to talk about your unique case and your fireworks injuries; we are here to ensure you are treated fairly and will be with you every step of the way.