​First Case Goes To Trial In Monsanto RoundUp Class Action Suit

The Monsanto Company, a huge global agricultural conglomerate, is in the midst of another class action lawsuit. This time over its widely popular product RoundUp, the most used herbicide in the U.S. It has long been a controversial organization, in recent decades for its role in the proliferation of genetically modified organisms, or GMO foods like corn and soybeans, which many believe to be harmful. It has also been accused by some of attempting to take de facto control of the world’s food supply using its technology and tremendous political clout.

Before it became an agricultural giant, it was one of the companies that produced Agent Orange, used in Vietnam and linked to many veteran illnesses, and also Dioxin, DDT, and PCBs. In 1970 Monsanto introduced RoundUp, chemically known as glyphosate, which brought the company $4.8 billion in profits in 2015. But now it’s the basis of a lawsuit which potentially could cost the company much more than that in compensation to cancer victims.

RoundUp And Cancer Risk

The company’s troubles began in March of 2015, when the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a part of the World Health Organization, found that glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp, was “probably carcinogenic to humans”, which means it can possibly cause cancer. Specifically, studies have linked exposure to the chemical to multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and leukemia. The report also stated that “The evidence in humans is from studies of exposures, mostly agricultural, in the USA, Canada, and Sweden published since 2001. In addition, there is convincing evidence that glyphosate also can cause cancer in laboratory animals.”

The Monsanto Company has long refuted these findings. Vice president of strategy Scott Partridge stated, “More than 800 scientific studies, the U.S. EPA , the National Institutes of Health, and regulators around the world have concluded that glyphosate is safe for use and does not cause cancer…we have empathy for anyone suffering from cancer, but the scientific evidence clearly shows that glyphosate was not the cause. We look forward to presenting this evidence to the court.”

First Case Goes To Trial

In June of 2018, Dewayne Johnson, 46, a former California public schools groundskeeper and father of two, became the first cancer sufferer to go to trial in the class action lawsuit against Monsanto. More than 800 others joined the lawsuit last year, but Johnson is the first to see a trial because he is close to death, according to his doctors. Thousands of others are ready to join the class action, because anyone who has been exposed to RoundUp and has cancer can also be a part of the lawsuit, and the financial settlement in compensation to cancer victims could be considerable.

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