​South Carolina Law: 12 Changes That Went into Effect This Summer

New laws are on the books for South Carolina this year; from coping with the aftermath of the failed nuclear station deal to enhancing student safety and more, here’s what to expect from the latest laws in South Carolina.

Latest South Carolina Laws

Lower Energy Rates for SCE&G: Consumers in South Carolina have been overpaying for electric since the failure of the V.C. Summer Nuclear Station deal. This new law aims to adjust consumer bills downward; most in the SCE&G coverage area can expect to save $25 a month until December of this year.

Santee Cooper Legal Woes: Another new law focuses on that failed nuclear energy deal. This one proposes to study the feasibility of the sale of Santee Cooper after the expensive nuclear deal fell through. A second law requires the beleaguered utility to increase transparency for members and calls for the live streaming of customer meetings and more.

Armed School Safety Officers and Enhanced School Security: Armed officers are headed to SC public schools to protect students and staff. Only about half of the state’s schools had resource officers at the start of the year; this new law comes after several publicized and dangerous school shootings in other locations.

A second provision covers school safety planning and the improvement of school security in the state’s districts and is funded by the SC state lottery.

Marijuana and Cannabis: Several new laws are addressing the issue of marijuana in the state of South Carolina. The first seeks to legalize marijuana for medical purposes; lawmakers funded studies to see the effects of medical marijuana on those suffering from a variety of conditions. Lawmakers also undertook a study designed to test the feasibility of replacing the prescription medications of prisoners with CBD and cannabis oils.

Protections for Faith Based Adoption Agencies; A new law that allows agencies that are faith based to decline to place children in LGBTQ homes was also approved. The aim of this program is to prevent the SC Department of Social Services from discriminating against faith-based organizations.

Hate Crimes Defined: A new South Carolina law that further defines Anti-Semitism is designed to protect Jewish citizens from hate crimes and discrimination on college campuses in the state.

Creation of a State Flag: A committee was created to pursue the thoughtful design of a historically accurate state flag; as of today, the state does not have an official standardized design.

Preemptive Ban on Sanctuary Cities: Our state does not have sanctuary cities, but the latest law seeks to ban them and revoke state funding for any areas which declare themselves to be sanctuary cities in the state.

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