​South Carolina Laws That Went into Effect Recently

Times are changing and along with that comes a new set of laws to abide by in the state of South Carolina. Some rules are good news for SC residents, however, some may be laws that residents are not on board with.

New South Carolina Laws

Here’s a look at a few new SC laws that went into effect in July 2018:

  • SC currently has the second-lowest gas tax in the U.S. But that may not be the case for long. Lawmakers passed a 12-cent-per-gallon tax increase in 2017 to help fix the state’s roads. Once the final increase is in effect, an additional 20.75 cents of each gallon of gas will be paid to the government.
  • S.C. lawmakers passed a bill lowering South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.’s electric rates. This would mean a lower electric bill each month, which is great news for residents!
  • State lawmakers seeking to hire more resource officers for S.C. public schools included a provision in the budget that includes a one-year law that waives the $10,000 pay cap for working state retirees so that retired police officers can get back into the workforce as school resource officers.
  • S.C. colleges have a new rubric to follow when determining if an on-campus crime was motivated by anti-Semitism. The definition for “anti-Semitism” drafted by the U.S. State Department was passed as part of the state budget.
  • Sanctuary cities do not exist in South Carolina and have now been banned via the state budget. This new proviso forces S.C. cities/counties to prove to the State Law Enforcement Division annually that they are not breaking federal immigration laws. Any city/county determined to be breaking the law will lose state funding.

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