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21 Injured in Upstate South Carolina School Bus Crash

Traffic accidents are an all too common occurrence on South Carolina roadways and school buses are certainly no exception. According to the original story on a local NBC affiliate station, seventeen children and 4 adults were injured in a school bus crash in Greenwood county.

The accident occurred around 1:15pm on the 19th of October on highway 25 at Nation road according to the state patrol.

School Bus Was Returning from a Field Trip

The students and chaperones from Westwood Elementary were returning from a field trip says the superintendent.

Of those injured, sixteen children and two adults were taken for treatment at Self Regional Hospital, according to Self Regional Healthcare media relations director Mark Hyatt. The other two injured adults were taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital and one child was taken to GHS Children’s Hospital.

Superintendent of Abbeville Schools, Betty Jo Hall, said the bus was one of three buses returning to Westwood Elementary School after a field trip. The school’s website said a fourth-grade field trip was scheduled Friday. No other vehicles were reported to be involved in the crash. The school bus exited the right side of the roadway, struck a utility pole and a fence before traveling down an embankment, Department of Public Safety Officials said.

Public Safety officials are reporting that “The driver of the bus, and Abbeville resident, was injured and transported to Self Regional Medical Center in Greenwood. The cause of the school bus crash is still unclear at this time.

This particular crash could have been much worse considering there were a total 29 students and 5 chaperones on board. Safety on South Carolina roadways should always be a top priority for motorists. Prevention of motor vehicle accidents by staying alert while operating a motor vehicle and following all traffic laws is critical.

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South Carolina Injury Guide To Social Media

Social Media Guide for the South Carolina Injured

You’ve been hurt in a car accident or you have a workers’ compensation injury and now you worry someone might be watching you or your social media sites.  Well, you are probably right.  There is a growing trend among employers, insurance adjusters and attorneys to search your social media sites. They want to know if you are being truthful, if you are being active or if there is anything that can be used to deny your claim or limit your medical benefits.    All of our new clients receive a handout that is titled “Social Media Will Ruin Your Case“.  This is not because someone is lying but rather because the intent is to deny claims if at all possible.  See our suggested Social Media guidelines** for the injured:

  1.  DO NOT POST On Social Media PERIOD.  That is the easiest way to limit what will be scene. Note you cannot “delete” old posts as it could be considered destroying evidence;
  2. See #1 but if you must post then please read on…
  3. Make Your Settings Private-   This is easier said than done. with every Facebook update that you download from the app store there is the chance that your privacy settings go back to public;
  4. Don’t add co-workers or new friends during your claim;
  5. Don’t re-post old pictures of when you were being active.  They will assume the picture is current and accurate as of the day it is posted;
  6. Do not let someone “tag” you in photos.  That will share across their social media, your social media and friends of friends can see it and share it;
  7. Do not check in anywhere.  Easiest way to know where you are and what you are doing is to check in;
  8. Do not leave online reviews.  Again, another way to see what you are doing on a daily basis;
  9. Do not let friends or relatives post pictures of you.  A savvy investigator will check your friends and family pages too;
  10. If you have hobby’s like hunting or fishing, do not post on the various message boards – “how’s the red fish bite been? I am thinking about fishing this weekend”; and
  11. **This is not an extensive list so contact an injury attorney for my recommendations.

Perception Can Be Reality in Injury Cases

Whenever you post or write something you must assume that it will be presented to a Judge or a Workers Compensation Commissioner.  They do not know you and your post will be left to interpretation. Every post should include you thinking “what would a judge think about this post”.  Because we cannot always guess what a judge or work comp commissioner might think, we always recommend that you not post at all.  The judge’s perception of your post can quickly become your reality.

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​One Officer Dead Six Wounded in Florence SC Shooting

Officer Terrance Carraway was laid to rest in Florence, South Carolina, after an ambush style shooting in an upscale section of the community. Carraway was one of seven officers shot by 74-year-old Frederick Hopkins, a disbarred attorney with increasingly frequent run-ins with the law. Hundreds of residents flocked to a local church to honor and remember Carraway, a thirty year veteran of the force and; a more formal public memorial was scheduled as well.

7 Officers Shot in Florence SC Ambush

The officers came under fire during a prolonged standoff with the heavily armed assailant; the shooting began when police arrived at the Hopkins residence to serve a search warrant. Their arrival was met with gunfire and turned into a devastating shootout with the elderly gunman. According to the New York Times, the actual reason for the warrant is still unknown, but the shooter is not believed to be the subject of the warrant.

When deputies arrived at the Hopkins home at 4pm, they were met with gunfire; all three officers were wounded. In response, other officers arrived at the scene as the gunman continued to fire. The suspect remained barricaded in his home with family members, including children. Hopkins used multiple weapons to engage the officers, shooting from the second story of the house with a rifle and other firearms.

Hopkins has a long history of troublesome behavior, from a disbarment to recent charges of disorderly conduct. Some of the family members held in the home during the standoff were children; the family has nine kids, according to the State newspaper.

A Town in Mourning

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for officers to be shot in the line of duty, but to have so many injured in the same incident is uncommon. The town of Florence mourns officer Terrance Carraway and the injured officers and remains unsettled by this terrible act of violence in a normally placid and safe area.

The officers injured are being treated at local hospitals, the suspected shooter is also at the hospital with a head injury. Details continue to emerge in this tragic story that shocked the town of Florence and the nation this week.

Hurricane Michael Results in Car Accidents

Hurricane Michael Results in South Carolina Car Accidents

When there are hazardous roadway conditions like rain or ice require drivers to be safe.  If a car wreck happens because of water in the road or some other condition there is a good chance that the police officer will still assign fault for the wreck.  Typically we see drivers placed at fault for “driving too fast for conditions” or “failing to pay full time and attention” .  In short, you must operate your car in safer manner regardless of the weather.

Safe Driving In Bad Weather

Storms and hurricanes can create dangerous road conditions  because of  poor visibility, decreased traction on the road, debris in the lanes, and rising or standing water.  These factors significantly increase the potential of a South Carolina car wreck. It your responsibility to use additional care behind the wheel regardless of weather.   Some ways that a driver in Columbia, Lexington or Greenville, South Carolina can stay safe:

What to Do if in a Car Accident

Every car accident is different and the circumstances following the accident vary.  The main thing is to prevent yourself from additional injury. If you can pull to the side of the road then try and do that to get out of the lanes of travel.  Call the police or EMS If you believe they are needed. While you are waiting, assuming you can do so safely, take photographs of the scene, your car and the other car.  Weather can wash away some evidence.  Get checked out by a doctor.  Many injuries seem minor at first because the adrenaline is pumping but as that goes away the injury lingers.  Finally, protect your rights.  Schedule a free consultation with a South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer – the meeting is FREE so you can learn about your rights.

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