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Police Chase of DUI Suspect Results in Injuries to Family

DUI Police Chase Result in Injuries to Family on Way to Church

WYFF is reporting that authorities have arrested  Devonte Williams who has been charged with felony DUI and failure to stop for blue lights when he tried to evade the police and struck a family on the way to church.  Sunday morning a driver suspected of DUI was blue lighted by local police and began to flee. As a result of the chase,  an accident occurred at Highway 253 and Cedar Lane Road in Greenville County during the attempt to get away from police.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family that was injured. This is the most recent injury resulting from a police chase.

Should the Police Chase a DUI Suspect?

According to the State newspaper citing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, South Carolina ranks eighth in the nation for people killed as a result of police pursuits per capita. On average, one person has died every month in the past 10 years, according to records from 2006 to 2016, the most recent data available.  So what is the standard for police chase appropriateness?  The two police chase experts we use in cases state that no chase should occur unless the suspect being chased is a violent offender.  A police officer has a duty to weigh the necessity of a chase versus the crime of the person and the risk posed to our community.  Should police chase a non violent DUI driver where they know the license plate and could simply go to the home and wait?  Not according to national police chase experts.

Injuries as a Result of a Crash or Police Chase

Like the story reported by WYFF, these injuries can turn lives upside down. Medical bills pile up and as wages are lost the ability to pay decreases.  Case like this may benefit from an experienced personal injury lawyer that will look into all avenues of compensation. Some law firms will simply go after the “easy money” of the at fault driver’s insurance and not look into other sources of compensation like underinsured motorist coverage, the bar or restaurant that over-served the person or whether the police violated policy. If you have been injured as a result of a serious crash or car accident then schedule a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer.

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