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South Carolina Forklift Injuries and Worker’s Compensation

Working with a forklift can be a dangerous job, even when you have years of experience as an operator. In fact, according to McCue, forklift accidents account for approximately 85 deaths and nearly 35,000 injuries in the United States every year. If you have been injured in a forklift accident, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer’s workers compensation insurance company.

About Forklift Safety

Forklifts are approximately three times heavier than the average car, weighing in at approximately 9,000 pounds. As a result, it is important for anyone working with a forklift to receive proper safety training. Employers are also responsible for ensuring that equipment is properly maintained and as safe for employees as possible.

Unfortunately, forklift accidents occur even when both employers and employees follow all of these guidelines. When a forklift accident occurs, you may sustain serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, broken bones, lacerations and other issues.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is designed to protect you in the event of a job-related illness or injury. If you file a claim under a workers compensation insurance policy and the claim is ultimately approved, you may receive payments to cover your medical bills, as well as replacement for your lost wages.

If you are involved in a forklift accident while at work and you sustain an injury, your employer’s workers compensation policy may cover related expenses. However, before you can begin collecting benefits, you must file a successful claim. Unlike a personal injury case, you will not need to prove that your employer was at fault for your injuries in order to qualify for benefits. Unfortunately, in some cases, the workers compensation insurance company may still refuse to approve your claim immediately. If your claim is denied, you have options, but you need to take action as soon as possible.

Dealing with a Claim Denial

If your workers compensation claim is denied, you can file an appeal. Although some claimants may decide to file an appeal on their own, it is best to consult a legal professional in these cases. A lawyer who has experience with workers compensation cases will be able to conduct a thorough review of your case and prepare solid arguments to give you the best chance of winning.

When you are fighting for workers compensation benefits, you need competent legal representation. Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law understands these cases. Regardless of the circumstances, our firm can help you boost your chances of a successful appeal. Please contact us today to learn more or to make an appointment.

Ryan Montgomery Named to The 2020 Best Lawyers in America©

GREENVILLE, SC, August 15, 2019  — Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law, LLC is proud to announce that Ryan S. Montgomery has been selected by his peers and included in the 2020 edition of The Best Lawyers in America. In addition, the firm of Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law, LLC has been selected by US News and World reports as one of the “best law firms”.

This is the second consecutive year that law firm has been selected by US News and World reports. 

The Best Lawyers in America publishes and recognizes top legal talent in all 50 states across 145 practice areas. Lawyers are chosen for inclusion based on the vote of their peers through evaluations and review surveys.

“I am extremely proud to be recognized by The Best Lawyers in America as a leader in fighting for injured workers’ rights in South Carolina workers compensation as well as all personal injury matters,” said Ryan Montgomery. “These rankings are an honor and reaffirm that as an attorney, I have earned support from peers and clients for my legal service, knowledge and experience.”

Since 1983, Best Lawyers has been one of the legal profession’s oldest and most respected peer-review publications with the core mission to highlight the top attorneys and law firms. Listings cannot be bought, and no purchase is required to be included.

For more information about the 2020 edition of The Best Lawyers in America, visit

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Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law, LLC is a full-service law firm with extensive experience handling a wide range of personal injury claims including workers compensation, car accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, social security disability and liability cases. The lawyers of Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law, LLC have a combined experience of nearly 60 years. To learn more information, visit

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What Should I do After a Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident where people sustain injuries. In Greenville, three of the most dangerous intersections include I-85 and Pelham Road, I-385 and Woodruff Road, and I-85 and Woodruff Road. Drivers in the Greenville area should remain cautious at these three intersections, as accidents have been on the rise. If you are in a rear-end collision in Greenville, it’s time to talk with an accident attorney that can help.

Steps to Take After A Rear End Collision

  1. Make Assessments
    Injuries in a rear-end collision must be assessed immediately. When you need medical attention, call for help if you can. If you are stable, you will want to check on anyone else that was involved in the accident. Once everyone involved in the accident is medically stable and help is on the way, you will need to exchange information with any other drivers involved in the accident.
  2. Collecting Information
    Ask for the full name, phone number, address and insurance information of the driver that rear ended you. If there are witnesses to the accident, ask for their contact information. When you are hurt because of the negligence of another driver and you are rear-ended, witnesses can help strengthen your case.
  3. Get the Medical Attention You Need
    If you are rear-ended, you may not feel much pain right in the beginning. If the impact was hard enough, you are likely to suffer from whiplash. This can get worse over the next few days. If you have a headache, neck pain, or back pain, go see your primary care physician to get properly assessed. When your pain at the scene of the accident is severe, go seek medical care at the nearest emergency room.
  4. Talk With a Greenville Accident Attorney
    When you are hurt because of a rear-end collision, it’s important to talk with a Greenville accident attorney to talk about your options. If your injuries have left you unable to work and you have bills because of the accident, you are entitled to financial compensation because of your injuries. You will need to be able to prove the extent of your injuries, and that your injuries are a direct cause of the accident.

Ryan Montgomery Can Help After an Accident

Rear-end collisions can result in serious, life-long injuries that make it impossible to return to work. If your financial future is uncertain because of a rear-end collision, it’s time to get the representation you need to protect your future. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries, and a Greenville accident attorney will be able to assess the merits of your case.