Airplane Crashes Give Rise to Multiple Claims

Pilot Negligence in a Plane Crash

Airplane wrecks are like shark attacks, they provide the news with some interesting headlines. Plane crashes can give rise to multiple theories upon which to bring a claim or a lawsuit. Many people think that if there is an accident then it is the pilot’s fault and there was airplane pilot negligence. While this can be this may not always be the case. For a passenger that is injured or dies in a crash then it is almost a certainty that there will be a claim against the pilot. The theory being that there was an inflight issues that was not properly addressed by the pilot and his/or her ADM (aeronautical decision making). Pilots are required to self assess their ability to safely fly and determine where there are external factors that should postpone a flight like pilot fatigue, illness, alcohol use or hangover the next day, stress level etc.

Instructor or Program Negligence

I can personally attest that not all flight schools are created equally. I participated in one where there was a complete lack of oversight thereby causing me to switch to a different one. There are some that have a lack of oversight over young instructors or ignore young instructor mistakes. Often these younger instructors may not be willing to correct bad pilot tendencies for a host of reasons including but not limited to the student pilot being older than the instructor, the instructor being new, the instructor’s desire to please the student (customer) and have the student return for the next appointment, etc. In addition, some plane manufactures (See Cirrus) provide transitional training specific to their plane or mode of airplane. The question can arise as to whether or not the training was sufficient or was there a rush through that training in order to get the person in their new plane thereby leading to injury or crash.

Mechanic and Manufacturer Negligence

Airplane mechanics are charged with properly repairing and servicing an airplane which ranges from everything from changing a tire to rebuilding an engine by hand. If this is done properly and caused a plane crash then the mechanic may be at fault for the accident. In addition, and it does happen, some planes that come from the manufacturer can have a built in issue that leads to a crash.

Airplane Crash Lawyer

Whenever there is an airplane crash it is important to have an advocate in your corner that understands the duties and roles of each person or company in that crash and investigation. If you, or a loved one, has been involved in a plane crash, then give plane crash lawyer Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law, LLC a call to discuss your case at no charge for the consultation. (864) 373-7333. It is imperative to do this quickly before evidence is assessed and witnesses memories fade.

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