Car Accident on I-85, Anderson, SC

Car Accident on I-85 at Clemson Boulevard, Anderson, SC Leads to Helicopter Landing on Roadway

News outlets are reporting that there was a serious motor vehicle car accident that occurred today around 10am in Anderson, South Carolina near the location for Clemson Boulevard on I-85. Apparently the accident involved a truck versus a car in the crash. One driver was airlifted and there are reports (not verified) that one person was ejected and one person was tuck in a vehicle.

Serious Injuries Need Serious Lawyers

When a person is involved in a car wreck there are many lawyers that a person can choose.  The problem is many people don’t know where to start in seeking a lawyer.  Some people simply watch TV and believe the “paid actors” screaming about how much money they got (even though that person is an ACTOR). Some others do research and look at websites or Google Reviews to see what past clients have said about that lawyer.

Possible Things to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer

Does the South Carolina Personal Injury lawyer have good Google reviews?  Read the bad ones too (we all have them).   What is the lawyer’s Better Business Bureau Rating? Has the attorney handled injury cases like yours before?  Interview the lawyer and see if they meet with you or you meet with someone who is just there to sign you up.  Does the lawyer speak in plain English or is he/she act better than you?

Free Injury Case Consultation

I used to represent insurance companies in car accidents and liability cases as well as South Carolina workers’ comp claims.  I was tired of taking orders from insurance carriers that would harm people locally in my community so I switched sides to help people like you.  Because of that, I offer a free consultation on injury cases so I can discuss your potential case or claim with you.  I would rather a person be armed with information so they do not harm their case. If you want to meet, then schedule a free consultation now.

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