Columbia Toddler Killed Crossing Street With Mom by Fatigued Driver

Three-year-old Jayana Summers was crossing the street with her mother around 3:00 PM when she was struck and killed by a driver in a Dodge Avenger traveling through Duke Avenue. Jayana and her mother were hit while they were crossing the road.

After hitting Jayana and her 23-year-old mother, the driver crashed into a utility pole. The mother was brought to the local hospital and treated for serious injuries. The driver of the vehicle was detained and police were waiting for the results of a toxicology and sobriety exam. While the crash was still being investigated, the driver was at least fatigued while driving a motor vehicle.

Personal injury lawsuits after the loss of a loved one are hard to think about. While you are still recovering from your own injuries and grieving the loss of a child, a personal injury lawsuit may be the farthest thing from your mind. For families that have been affected by the loss of a child because of the negligence of a driver, the process of going through a personal injury lawsuit is almost always a necessity.

When you are grieving, you are not able to live your best life. You may find yourself struggling to get out of bed, and your job may be at risk because of poor performance. The loss you have sustained is unimaginable, and one that you may feel guilty receiving compensation for. Your loss is important, and compensation allows you to move through your grief without having to struggle with the day to day needs of every day life.

If you have lost a loved one because of an accident caused by a negligent driver, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to help you move along in life. Your financial future will be more secure, and you will have what you need to take your time to heal.

When you have been hurt as well, your damages are even more significant. Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law, is ready to talk to you about your personal injury case to see if you have a viable case to file.

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