Drunk Driver Car Accidents

Drunk Driver Car Accidents

Many clients come to our firm after having been hit by a drunk driver.  They may have met with other lawyers or done some online research.  Those potential clients are often under the impression that their financial recovery is limited to the at fault driver.  This isn’t always the case and some lawyers are willing to go the extra mile to find out of there are other sources of recovery like from a bar, restaurant, country club, or night club.

**You MUST move quickly and act now!  See below.

Greenville Dram Shop and Alcohol Liability Lawyer

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other establishments have a legal responsibility not to serve alcohol to patrons who may be intoxicated.  South Carolina has dram shop and/or social host liability laws that allow victims of a drunk driving accident to bring a claim against the bar or restaurant for recovery of damage. New Law in South Carolina mandates that every bar or restaurant carry at least $1 Million in liability insurance to cover these type of claims.  South Carolina does not want innocent people who have been bit by a drunk driver to suffer more than they have to by only being able to recover money from the driver. The law allows us to go after the source if the drunk driver was over-served.

**However you must move quickly and act now.  Much of the evidence in these cases can disappear after 60 or even 30 days.  We go after surveillance video, credit card receipts, witness statements, etc. The things can be deleted, disappear or memories fade. Act sooner rather than later.

At Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law, LLC our Greenville, SC based legal team have handled these type of cases successfully recovering Millions of dollars for those effected in a drunk driving accident. Examples:  Dram Shop $1.05 Million Settlement; $750,000 Dram Shop Settlement *

South Carolina Drunk Driver Dram Shop Cases

Bars, clubs, restaurants, and individuals who serve alcohol at parties that do not take public safety into account and over-serve their customers they should be held accountable. Innocent  people are often the ones who have to pay the price for these avoidable incidents. Dram shop liability includes a wide range of different types of establishments, and may include bars, restaurants, music clubs, country clubs, dance clubs, night clubs, adult clubs, etc.

In certain circumstances if a Social Host or parent serves alcohol to someone under the age of 21 and that person then causes a drunk driving accident you may be able to hold the social host accountable.

Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg Dram Shop Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer

If you have been the victim of a drunk driver who may have become overly intoxicated at a bar, restaurant, or other establishment, we can help.  We have the experience of having handled these cases before.  The drunk driver accident lawyers at Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law handle Dram Shop cases statewide in South Carolina.   Schedule your free consultation with a dram shop liability lawyer now.  Sooner the better so we can get the evidence necessary.

*Please note that past results do not guarantee future results. Cases are handled on a case by case basis.