Grass Clippings Tossed In The Road Are Deadly To Motorcyclists

As a motorcyclist, you understand that traction is your best friend. It is why you avoid riding your motorcycle if there is ever a deep freeze or heavy rain. Maintaining this traction is critical to your overall safety. And yet there are instances where traction can be taken away from you, yet at no fault of your own. Sometimes it is poor road conditions. Other times it is directly caused by property owners tossing their grass clippings into the street.

The Dangers Of Grass Clippings

It may not seem like much, but grass clippings can be deadly. Blades of grass are especially smooth. There is no texture to the grass, which means there is very little traction. If you’ve ever had grass clippings stuck to your sidewalk before you know just how slick they can be. Ideally, when someone mows their yard they will collect the grass clippings and dispose of them properly. However, there are times when the owners may dump their clippings into the roadway. The city will, from time to time, come through different neighborhoods and collect grass clippings and raked leaves. The problem though is any grass clippings left in the street will eventually begin to catch the wind and disburse over the road. Even if a property owner does not deliberately dump their clippings into the road, if they choose not to bag the clippings and instead blow the clippings into the road (either with the mower attachment or with an air blower) it puts you in danger.

If your tire strikes the slick grass and you lose traction you may end up slipping from the motorcycle, leaving you potentially seriously injured and your motorcycle damaged. This is of no fault of your own. You didn’t put the grass there. You’re riding your motorcycle expecting a certain level of traction from the pavement, yet the grass took all of this away, resulting in your injury.

This Is Not Your Fault

It doesn’t matter if you suffered minor or more serious injuries, none of this is your fault. Motorcyclists are some of the most responsible vehicle operators on the road. You know how important it is to take extra precautions while riding on your motorcycle. Yet despite this, there isn’t much you can do about grass on the pavement. You won’t be able to easily see the grass, especially when taking a turn. Because this is not your fault you should not be financially responsible for the injury. so if you have been injured due to grass clippings you need to seek out an injury attorney.

Time To Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

Ryan Montgomery, Attorney At Law, is here to assist you with your legal case. The cost of medical bills, the time you take off of work, and the reduced quality of life can add up quickly. You didn’t ask for this injury, so it is important to hold the individual accountable who is at fault. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident due to grass clippings or another person’s carelessness, make sure to contact Ryan Montgomery today.