Greenville Coach Punched Disabled Student and Broke His Nose

When you send your child to school, it is with the expectation that your child is kept safe throughout the day. If they are injured because of the willful wrongdoing or negligence of an individual responsible for their care, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit on their behalf.

Consider the case of a 15 year old autistic student in Greenville County, South Carolina. He punched Jamieson, a physical education teacher and coach at the school, without warning as he entered the school. The teacher responded erratically, “crushing bones in his face, causing great loss of blood, caused immediate physical and mental shock and resulted in uncontrollable, excessively erratic behavior thereby losing the progress he made in school and with his self control,” the lawsuit says.

The student didn’t know why he punched Jamieson in the first place, and he was difficult to console in the nurse’s office. The boy had blood on his clothes, face and was visibly upset.

Instead of following protocol, the teacher and coach acted impulsively, punching the student in the face instead of following the rules. While he may have been startled, the reaction is the center of the case.

When a student has suffered injuries, has been in pain and suffered at the hands of a teacher in a school, there are problems. The student has the legal right to sue in a personal injury lawsuit for pain and suffering based on the injuries. Teachers are expected to follow rules, and when one acts outside of the rules and takes matters into their own hands, problems arise.

Injuries can be sustained in school that are not considered negligent or intentional. If the teacher had acted accordingly and got the child to safety after the child started swinging, any injuries sustained could have been accidental. When a teacher does not follow standard procedures and a child gets hurt, this is when the potential for a personal injury lawsuit arises.

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