How to Choose the Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Choosing The Best Injury Lawyer and Work Comp Lawyer For You

As a Greenville and Columbia, SC based personal injury and workers’ compensation  lawyer, I can imagine it is quite difficult for an injured person to decide whether to hire a lawyer and then decide who is the best injury lawyer for their case when they see commercials, hear radio ads, look in the phone book (if that is even still around), etc.    This blog is in no way  meant to be a guide on how to choose the best workers comp lawyer as that varies from person to person but more a general article on some things people may choose to consider when hiring an attorney.

1. What is the Focus of My Case and Injury?

I have done insurance defense work where I represented employers and the insurance companies. I personally struggled with some of the marching orders I received from certain adjusters and decided it was time to switch sides to try and help the injured.  I believe it is a family decision on whether to hire a lawyer and which lawyer to hire.  From there I believe the family unit should decide whether you are looking to just get money or is it more important to protect yourself on all fronts- medical, compensation, future, family etc.   Once you’ve made that decision you can begin to narrow your search for the best lawyer for you with you overall goal in mind.

2. Does the Lawyer go to Trial or Just Settle Cases?

Depending on the nature of the claim, whether it is a workers’ compensation or personal injury, there are times when the insurance company will deny your claim, deny a request for medical, stop your weekly benefits or simply say “no” to something that should been a “yes”. As a lawyer there is no magic wand to get them to say “yes”.  The remedy is to take your case to a hearing or trial.  If you get a “no” will the lawyer you select be willing to fight for you, do the work necessary to prepare the case  and take it to a hearing or trial if necessary.  One question I often receive is:  when is the last time you tried a case? Are you willing to try the case and so on.  (Short answer: absolutely and we try many cases).  Who do you think an  insurance company worries about more- the lawyer that just settles everything and never steps foot in a hearing or court room or the lawyer that will take it the distance if necessary?  Who does the opposing lawyer worry about more- the professional “settler” or the lawyer that fights for the client? Who does a workers’ comp commissioner and/or judge respect more- a lawyer that rolls over or a lawyer that goes to bat for his our her client?  I am not suggesting one way is better than the other but rather as a client you have a right to ask these questions and interview the lawyer before you select.

3. Most Lawyers Give Free Consultations So is that a Good Way to Interview the Lawyer?

Yes. Absolutely.  From the start you’ll know the way the law firm works.  Are you meeting with the actual lawyer?  Or are you meeting with a paralegal or some  other  person like an”intake specialist” or “investigator”?  If you prefer to meet with the lawyer so you get a real consultation then you may want to look into firms that offer consultations with an actual lawyer.   A lawyer can answer questions about the law and specifically about the case where sometimes a staff member cannot.   Will you have the lawyer’s email address?  How responsive are they?

4. Client References

Whenever you apply for a job one of the things people ask for are references.  Why should this be any different when selecting a lawyer?  Some injury victims like to go on various internet sites (i.e. Google, Avvo, Facebook, etc.) and read former client reviews.  Generally, these reviews cannot be edited by the firm so you can get a feel for how that lawyer or firm operates and is that what you want in your advocate.  Think I am kidding?  Go read my bad review on Google from a person who’s case I would not take.

5. Experience Level of that Attorney

By experience, I do not mean the length of time the lawyer has been practicing law.  We were all young lawyers once.  In fact some young lawyers may hustle more than a seasoned veteran but some may not.  By experience I mean, how much of the lawyer’s practice is devoted to the type of case you have.  I get calls all the time on criminal issues or family law issues.  My experience level is just about zero in those areas so I will refer those cases to another lawyer whose focus is that type of law. For us, our focus is on the injured person.  We look to help people and get them back on track in life.   If you take a meeting with a lawyer, you may wish to ask him/her what is the focus of the practice.  You may want to pick a lawyer that has a focus on the area of your case but you may not.   That is all personal preference.

Personal Injury Attorney and Workers Comp Lawyer

Our firm serves Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia, Lexington, West Columbia, Laurens and so on.   We protect the injured from the Midlands to the Upstate.  If you or a loved one has an injury or death claim and simply want to sit down and discuss your case  then please schedule your free consultation now.  It won’t cost you anything to meet with an actual lawyer and go over your case.  That way you can make an educated decision on who is the best South Carolina Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury lawyer for you, your family and your case.