Hurricane Michael Results in Car Accidents

Hurricane Michael Results in South Carolina Car Accidents

When there are hazardous roadway conditions like rain or ice require drivers to be safe.  If a car wreck happens because of water in the road or some other condition there is a good chance that the police officer will still assign fault for the wreck.  Typically we see drivers placed at fault for “driving too fast for conditions” or “failing to pay full time and attention” .  In short, you must operate your car in safer manner regardless of the weather.

Safe Driving In Bad Weather

Storms and hurricanes can create dangerous road conditions  because of  poor visibility, decreased traction on the road, debris in the lanes, and rising or standing water.  These factors significantly increase the potential of a South Carolina car wreck. It your responsibility to use additional care behind the wheel regardless of weather.   Some ways that a driver in Columbia, Lexington or Greenville, South Carolina can stay safe:

  • use headlights;
  • make sure windshield wipers have been changed recently;
  • slow down; and
  • and of course do not use your phone while driving bad weather.

What to Do if in a Car Accident

Every car accident is different and the circumstances following the accident vary.  The main thing is to prevent yourself from additional injury. If you can pull to the side of the road then try and do that to get out of the lanes of travel.  Call the police or EMS If you believe they are needed. While you are waiting, assuming you can do so safely, take photographs of the scene, your car and the other car.  Weather can wash away some evidence.  Get checked out by a doctor.  Many injuries seem minor at first because the adrenaline is pumping but as that goes away the injury lingers.  Finally, protect your rights.  Schedule a free consultation with a South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer – the meeting is FREE so you can learn about your rights.

About Ryan Montgomery

Ryan is a lawyer that has been practicing law since 2000.  Early in his career he represented insurance companies in car accident cases and also workers’ compensation cases.  He grew tired of insurance company games that hurt the citizens of South Carolina and switched sides to help the injured.  He now fights for you and your family.  If you are in Columbia, Lexington, Greenville, Anderson and/or Spartanburg call now for your no charge meeting.