Husband of Woman Killed by Alligator Sues Resort

Last summer, a NY woman who owned a vacation home in the popular resort town of Hilton Head Island, SC, was killed by an alligator while walking her dog near a lagoon in the Sea Pines oceanfront community. Unfortunately, the victim Cassandra Cline, was dragged into the lagoon by the alligator as she tried to save her pet from the animal and died in the process.

Now, her husband, James Cline, has hired a wrongful death attorney and filed a lawsuit against the Sea Pines Resort where it occurred. Mr. Cline claims that the Sea Pines Resort was grossly negligent, and his lawsuit alleges that the Resort was aware of the existing problems with alligators and therefore had an inherent duty to keep the public safe.

Was it an Accident or Negligence? Ask Our Greenville, SC Wrongful Death Attorney

Accidents do happen that kill people and that’s unfortunate, but sometimes another person’s negligence is to blame for a death. When this type of devastating incident occurs, it is normal to be shocked, confused, and without a clue at all about how to react.

While no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one, hiring a wrongful death attorney and filing a claim can give you the answers you deserve and provide the compensation needed to help cover funeral costs, lost income, and other expenses due to this tragedy.

The experienced legal team at Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law can advise you of your rights when your loved one has died as a result of a wrongful death incident according to South Carolina personal injury law.

Our wrongful death attorney in South Carolina is here to assist you at this difficult time and help you pursue damages due to death or injury caused by a negligent party and file a personal injury claim on behalf of the victim’s family. Talking this type of legal action will allow you to be fairly compensated for your losses.

Was Your Loved One the Victim of a Wrongful Death Incident? Our Greenville, SC Attorney Can Help

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