Legal Representation for Victims of Workplace Violence

When working in any environment, employees expect a reasonable amount of safety. However, employees working in almost every industry can become vulnerable to dangerous situations that cause illness or injury. In fact, a recent incident involving workplace violence at McDonald’s made national news. With more incidents like this happening on a daily basis, employees need to be aware of their rights. Employees should also understand the options available to them after a violent incident occurs.

About Recent Incidents

The most recent incident involving McDonald’s took place in early 2019, when a customer became angry because there weren’t any straws at the condiment station. The customer reached over the counter and grabbed one of the employees in retaliation. When other employees attempted to escort the man out of the restaurant, he kicked one of them in the stomach. This customer was eventually charged with battery for his actions.

Unfortunately, this incident is hardly isolated. In fact, it is just one of many examples of violence in retail, restaurant and other establishments throughout the state. From hospital shootings to hands-on attacks, workers in South Carolina have been subjected to almost every type of violence imaginable.

When these violent incidents occur, employees can suffer considerably. In addition to physical injuries, being subjected to violence in the workplace can also lead to emotional or mental anguish that continues to affect the employee long after the incident is over.

Understanding Employer Responsibility

Employers in all industries have a legal responsibility to ensure that employees have a safe work environment. To prevent injuries and illness in the workplace, employers must have effective safety protocols in place. This means that they must have established policies and procedures that employees can use to prevent violent situations. Employees must also know how they should do in the event of a violent situation involving a coworker or customer. When employers fail to uphold their responsibilities with regard to providing a safe work environment, they may be liable for any resulting injuries or other losses that occur because of workplace violence.

Getting Help After an Incident

If you have been a victim of workplace violence, contacting an experienced attorney is recommended. Ryan Montgomery Law will review your situation and help you determine whether you should file a lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries.

Our law firm understands how these cases work, and we can help you make the best decisions following an incident at work. Please contact Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law today to discuss your situation and learn about your options under the law.