Myrtle Beach Windsor Apartment Fire Raises Questions

 South Carolina Burn Injury and Fire Injuries

The Sun News out of Myrtle Beach is reporting that a fire broke out at the Windsor Apartment Complex in Carolina Forest on Thursday April 12, 2018.  For now, no one lost their life but there were multiple injuries some of which are critical in nature.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the injured or displaced residents. In order to save their lives people were forced to jumped from upper level balconies resulting in broken bones and one witness even said a baby had to be thrown from a third story apartment and caught by a 16 year old young man.   Some people will recall that this isn’t the first apartment fire a Windsor Apartments as one occurred there in March of 2013 destroying 26 buildings at that time.  According to multiple reports the apartment complex did not have a sprinkler system in place.  It makes one wonder whether or not there were fire extinguishers in place. Was the building to code?  Were any short cuts being taken that resulted in these injuries from the fire?

Injury from Fire or Burns

There are roughly 450,000 burn injuries per year in the United States.   Fires can lead to burn injuries but also broken bones as we see in this fire. Many times burns can be life threatening and often people are flown to the Augusta Burn Center for life saving burn injury medical care. Not only is the injury itself traumatic and can cause physical and/or mental scarring but the medical treatment is as very traumatic as well.  Burn care ranges from skin grafts, to medical comas to pealing of the skin layer by layer to get new skin to grow.   In addition to the trauma and pain, the damages can go well beyond that.  Burn injuries can lead to medical costs. Burn injuries can lead to  lost wages.  They can also lead to future damages like heat sensitivity, scarring or PTSD. In short a burn injury can can ruin a person’s life.

Fire and burn injuries can be the result of many things.  It can be the fault of another person or company for being negligent, it can be from a work-related on the job injury, it can be caused in a car accident or even an apartment fire and don’t forget about dangerous products. The harsh reality is that many fires and burns could have been prevented.

South Carolina Burn Injury Lawyer

At Ryan Montgomery Law our main priority is making sure our clients get the medical care we’d want our own family to receive.  We focus on guiding our clients through the entire process to try and remove that weight and burden from the injury victim and their family.  Once our client is through that process we then make sure our clients receive the maximum compensation they can get based upon their damages, pain and suffering, wage loss, disability, scarring, disfigurement and so on.  We recognize that in a time like this you may have lost your home, may have mounting medical bills and may not be able to afford the cost of a lawyer.  We understand that so we offer all burn injury victims a free consultation and any attorney attorney fee comes out of any settlement or verdict. If you don’t recover compensation then you don’t pay any attorney fees.  Contact a South Carolina Burn Injury Lawyer now for your free meeting now. Serious injuries need serious lawyers.

The Attorneys at Ryan Montgomery Law proudly serve the State of South Carolina including Horry County injury victims.

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