Do I need a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Do I need a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

I’ve practiced law 17 years going on 18 years this year.  For the first 10 or so I was a defense lawyer which means I represented insurance companies and South Carolina employers when a worker was injured on the job.  Adjusters are generally alright and are just doing a job but like every other profession there are always a few bad apples that ruin the bunch.  Our clients will tell us that after a job injury the adjuster denied my case for no reason; the adjuster won’t call me back; my weekly check hasn’t started; my medical care hasn’t been approved and so on.  Generally this is because the adjuster is overworked carrying 200 claims or more.  Sadly, you are more of a number as in claim number than an actual person. The adjuster may or may not know who you are as a person.  Why are they overworked?  In order to answer this, you must look to how insurance companies make money.

How do Insurance Companies Make Money?

Generality speaking an insurance company makes money if it takes in more money than it pays out in expenses or on injury claims.  After the insurance company  takes the money in then the money is invested  and then the company tries limit how much is paid out- keep as much as possible.  So let’s think about the insurance adjuster.  The company loads the adjuster up with work, maybe more than they can handle, and pays the adjuster less than their value.  That means they take in more money than they are paying out.  The problem is this will also trickle down into your workers’ comp claim.  If the goal is to pay out as little a possible do you think you will get full value on your claim without help?  Do you think they will always authorize the medical care you need?  Do you think anyone cares about you or your injury?

Insurance Companies Have Lawyers

When I handled defense claims, I always received calls from insurance company client asking questions about potential claims.  Mainly the question was are there grounds to deny this claim?  Point is, adjusters are trained in handling claims and the law of South Carolina.  Insurance companies have relationship with South Carolina workers comp lawyers they can call for free advice.  You don’t have any of that.

How to a Pay for a Lawyer?

The great thing about South Carolina Workers’ Compensation law is that most attorneys offer a free consultation where you can sit down and discuss your claim. If the lawyer is willing to take your case and you want to hire that lawyer then most work on a contingency fee. This means you don’t pay any money up front for the lawyer.  We front out services, paralegals, office, etc. and only get paid if you do at the end of your claim.  If you don’t recover any money then you don’t have to pay an attorney fee.    If you think you need someone to fight the insurance company for you or you just want to know your right for your injury on job, then contact Ryan Montgomery Law now for your free consultation.