small plane crashes through fence on highway in emergency landing

Airplane Crashes Give Rise to Multiple Claims

Pilot Negligence in a Plane Crash Airplane wrecks are like shark attacks, they provide the news with some interesting headlines. Plane crashes can give rise to multiple theories upon which to bring a claim or a lawsuit. Many people think that if there is an accident then it is the pilot’s fault and there was […]

Treating Injuries During Quarantine

Quarantine may have prevented you from venturing out as much as you once did, but injuries are still a possibility. If you sustain an injury during quarantine, you may need treatment. Depending on the situation, you may choose from one of four approaches to treatment. If it is a medical emergency dial 911 or go […]

My Elder is in a Nursing Home During Covid, Legal Help

Covid-19 has rampaged nursing homes across the country, where vulnerable populations live in close quarters. The pandemic is a challenge for nursing homes to manage, and an emotional and legal minefield for families to navigate. If you have an elder loved one who’s in a nursing home during this Covid-19 pandemic, here are some tips […]

How the Coronavirus Pandemic May Affect Personal Injury Cases

The Coronavirus pandemic is leading to all kinds of uncertainty in the United States at this time. If you are in the middle of a personal injury case, COVID-19 can cause some delays in settling or litigating your case. When you meet with a personal injury attorney, you may need to meet virtually to discuss […]

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How to Protect Your Legal Rights During a Pandemic

Many services have come grinding to a halt since the pandemic struck. There is now less freedom of movement and many offices aren’t open. Perhaps getting someone to handle your personal injury case feels more challenging than before. This doesn’t mean that you should shelve your injury case until a future date. Here are some […]