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​South Carolina Woman Killed at Columbia Construction Site in a Wrongful Death Accident

On May 1, a South Carolina woman, 49, was killed in a construction incident that took place in Columbia, SC. She was reportedly working on a scissor lift when she became trapped between the railing of the lift and the ceiling that she was working on. Suspected Wrongful Death Accident in Columbia According to Richland […]

Personal Injury Attorney Takes a Look at Recent Hazing Incidents

Hazing is a cruel process and often times is a ritual designed to humiliate and to embarrass the individual who is being hazed. Some common forms of hazing include physical abuse, sexual abuse and alcohol abuse. The attorneys at Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law represent victims of hazing abuse. Contact our personal injury attorneys located […]

prison negligence attorney

​Inmates at South Carolina Prison Claim Negligence

After seven inmates were killed in a South Carolina prison riot, those who survived are now claiming that negligence on behalf of the prison’s authorities is to blame for the deaths of their fellow inmates. Alleged Prison Negligence in South Carolina On April 15, a riot broke out inside the Lee Correctional Institute as three […]

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Driving Safety Tips and the Highest Rated Vehicles for Safety Today

If you are thinking about shopping for a new car, you will want to check out what vehicles are considered the safest to buy. According to the Institute for Highway Safety, 15 vehicles meet the Top Safety Pick Plus designation for 2018, while another 35 were named Top Safety Pick. Toyota leads the field, with […]

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​Alarming South Carolina Roadway Statistics

South Carolina roadways represent a dangerous threat to health and safety. The South Carolina Department of Safety keeps detailed records about the accidents, injuries and deaths that occur on South Carolina roadways. When you look a the facts, there are some alarming SC roadway statistics. South Carolina Crash Statistics When you look at crash statistics […]