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​Neighbor State Passes Hands-Free Law, Is South Carolina Next?

Georgia took drastic measures to curb the growing problem of distracted driving this week when they enacted a law prohibiting drivers from not only using but touching a mobile device. According to the Greenville News, the new law aims to dramatically reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted driving related to mobile device use. […]

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​South Carolina Law: 12 Changes That Went into Effect This Summer

New laws are on the books for South Carolina this year; from coping with the aftermath of the failed nuclear station deal to enhancing student safety and more, here’s what to expect from the latest laws in South Carolina. Latest South Carolina Laws Lower Energy Rates for SCE&G: Consumers in South Carolina have been overpaying for […]

Study Names Greer, South Carolina Drivers as the Worst in the Nation

Some South Carolina Drivers Top the List for Worst Drivers An insurance Quote website has released a study that determines the Nation’s worst drivers.  As expected there are some larger cities like Boston, Indianapolis and Milwaukee.  Those larger cities have nothing on Greer, South Carolina, Greer tops the list with the worst drivers in the […]

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​Success of Operation Southern Shield

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that over 2 million people are injured in car accidents in the United States every year. Alarmingly, over 10,000 people were killed in car accidents in the U.S in 2016, with speed being the cause in at least 27 percent of the fatal crashes that occurred. These […]

Can I Sue My Employer For Injuries?

Work Injury Limited to Workers’ Compensation Claim One of the questions I get frequently is whether or not a person can sue their employer if they are injured on the job when the employer is at fault for the injury. The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act and system is called a “no fault” system.  This […]