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South Carolina Driving Laws You Probably Don’t Know About

Driving laws tend to fall into one of two distinct categories – those that don’t really vary too much from state-to-state and those state-specific rules that often have travelers scratching their heads. South Carolina is certainly not unique in this way and, in fact, has several interesting driving laws that you likely may not know about. […]

Myrtle Beach Windsor Apartment Fire Raises Questions

 South Carolina Burn Injury and Fire Injuries The Sun News out of Myrtle Beach is reporting that a fire broke out at the Windsor Apartment Complex in Carolina Forest on Thursday April 12, 2018.  For now, no one lost their life but there were multiple injuries some of which are critical in nature.  Our thoughts […]

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South Carolina BMW Plant Confirms Accidental Death

Recently, a BMW assembly plant in South Carolina had an accidental death take place on site when an outside contractor was caught in a machine. When a workplace accident occurs, it can cause a serious impact on that worker’s finances, lifestyle and family. South Carolina BMW plant confirms ‘accidental death’ following reports of person caught […]

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Four Killed in Collisions on South Carolina Roadways This Past Weekend

Car accidents are certainly nothing new and, unfortunately, they typically lead to serious injuries or even deaths more often than not. But rarely do you have a weekend that is as deadly as the one South Carolina just experienced. According to a story that originally ran on a local NBC affiliate station, four people were […]

Teacher Sexual Assault Cases

Teacher Student Sexual Assault and Abuse Injury It seems I cannot turn on the news or  look on Facebook and not see a case where a school teacher or school counselor had an inappropriate relation with an underage student. On Facebook, I have one friend that posts links to all the various reports which illustrates […]