Dog biting man's leg

Dog Bites – A Personal Injury Case

Anyone can be the victim of a dog attack.  You could be jogging in your neighborhood or walking your own dog on a leash.  Your child might be playing in your yard or at a neighbor’s house.  Dog bites and dog attacks are serious, and victims have rights under South Carolina law. According to the […]

Drunk driver in car with beer

Were You Injured by a Drunk Driver in South Carolina?

Alarming Statistics Hundreds of South Carolina residents are injured each year by drunk drivers.  Were you one of them?  Too many alcohol-impaired drivers take risks that endanger themselves and others.  In 2018, according to a 5-year average of crash statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Greenville County had the highest fatality rate […]

personal injury attorney

Don’t Settle by Your Self

Whenever you are injured due to the negligence of another party, you can always attempt to seek compensation for your damages on your own and without an attorney. At the same time, there are just too many reasons not to hire a personal injury attorney. Objectivity and Professional Personal injuries, such as car accidents, often […]

personal injury lawyer

Why You Need an Attorney for your Personal Injury Claim

When you have a personal injury claim in South Carolina, your attorney will know all of the statutes in that state that affect your claim. And with those statutes in mind, there are two basic laws when it comes to personal injury claims in South Carolina. Those two laws are about the statute of limitations […]

Coronavirus. COVID-19

How the Coronavirus Affects Workers Compensation Claims

The coronavirus is here and continues to spread at a rapid pace. And with this virus continually mutating, it is likely that it will be with us for some time. So, how does the coronavirus impact South Carolina’s workers compensation? In the state of South Carolina,occupational diseases qualify for workers compensation benefits. The coronavirus qualifies […]