The Importance of Documenting Slip and Fall Cases

When you slip or trip and fall on someone’s property, it is up to you to prove that it was the property owner’s fault that you injured yourself. Thus, documenting the accident is imperative to your case, whether you want to attempt a settlement or take your case to court. A personal injury slip and […]

Large Truck Accidents: Why They Are Different

When looking for a personal injury attorney after a large truck accident, be sure to choose someone with experience in settling and litigating this type of claim. A large truck accident is different than a car accident or a motorcycle accident – or even a pedestrian accident. The mechanics of the case are the same: […]


Mark your calendar – one year from tomorrow. Starting October 1, 2021 your South Carolina Driver’s license may not be honored any longer in certain circumstances. Your South Carolina driver’s license will not work if you want to board a domestic airline flight, enter a Federal Building (court house) or visit a military base or […]

small plane crashes through fence on highway in emergency landing

Airplane Crashes Give Rise to Multiple Claims

Pilot Negligence in a Plane Crash Airplane wrecks are like shark attacks, they provide the news with some interesting headlines. Plane crashes can give rise to multiple theories upon which to bring a claim or a lawsuit. Many people think that if there is an accident then it is the pilot’s fault and there was […]

Treating Injuries During Quarantine

Quarantine may have prevented you from venturing out as much as you once did, but injuries are still a possibility. If you sustain an injury during quarantine, you may need treatment. Depending on the situation, you may choose from one of four approaches to treatment. If it is a medical emergency dial 911 or go […]