Pedestrian Accidents Continue to Surge

Pedestrian accidents are some of the most serious car accidents, often resulting in severe injuries and/or death to the pedestrians involved. As personal injury lawyers who meet with the victims can attest, the frequency of these accidents is, sadly, increasing both in South Carolina and throughout the country.

Pedestrian Accidents Are Occurring More Frequently

A pair of independent reports shows that the number of pedestrian accidents that occur each year is going up, and the rate has reached alarming levels.

Nationwide, 6,227 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle accidents during 2018 — which was the highest number of people in almost three decades. That number was several hundred people higher than 2017’s 5,977 pedestrian fatalities, and 2017 was already the highest year on record since 1990.

The trend is particularly grim in South Carolina, which had the sixth-highest rate of pedestrian fatalities per 1,000 people. Moreover, these aren’t limited to just one region of the state. People walking and biking have been struck by vehicles both in the state’s cities as well as in its rural areas.

Moreover, these figures don’t even take into account the many thousand other people who were struck by vehicles but only sustained injuries and didn’t pass away.

Pedestrian Accidents Cause Many Injuries

Naturally, pedestrian accidents frequently cause multiple injuries and the injuries tend to be severe. Fractured bones, damaged organs and other emergencies require immediate care and have lasting effects if a struck pedestrian does manage to survive being hit.

These injuries frequently have substantial and ongoing costs for the pedestrians who are hit. Medical bills are often extremely expensive because the injuries require immediate care and advanced treatment, and lasting effects can make work difficult or impossible. There also can be negative impacts on quality of life, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other consequences.

Personal Injury Lawyers Help Pedestrian Accident Victims Seek Compensation

The role of personal injury lawyers is to help victims of pedestrian accidents seek fair compensation for the injuries and other effects they suffer as a result of these accidents. Lawyers help victims who are injured file lawsuits against drivers and their insurance carriers seeking compensation, and lawyers also help victims’ surviving family members in accidents where the pedestrian is killed.

If you’ve been injured or unfortunately had a family member killed in a pedestrian accident, contact personal injury attorney Ryan S. Montgomery. An experienced lawyer, Ryan will advocate for your just compensation and help you obtain a fair settlement.