How to Report a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claim

How Long Do I Have to Report an On the Job Injury?

Whether you were injured in Columbia, Greenville or Spartanburg the reporting requirements are the same.  In South Carolina a worker that is injured on the job must report the injury by accident within ninety (90) days from the date the injury occurred.   If the injury is a repetitive injury claim like carpal tunnel then an injured worker must report the injury from the date he/she knew, or should have known, that the injury was work related.   While the law allows for 90 days to report the injury many employers require it sooner.   If your company requires a quicker reporting then this is an employment policy and if you don’t abide by this policy you could be disciplined at work.  Many times a workers comp claim will be denied because it was reported outside of the employer guidelines but still within the 90 day requirement which shouldn’t preclude you from filing a claim.  If your case has been denied for this reason you can still win your case.

How Do I report a South Carolina Workers’ Comp Claim or Injury?

Every company has a different procedure for reporting. Some require a written form to be completed and some require that you go to an onsite medical facility.  Others have no procedure at all. A general recommendation is to report early and often and try and report in writing where possible such as an email or even a text message.  We’ve had cases where our client says they reported the injured to the supervisor only to have the supervisor so no they didn’t or they don’t remember.  If it is in writing then it will protect the injured worker.  So if you have been injured on the job then immediately report it to your supervisor verbally.  Then ask for a form to complete or follow it up with an email documenting the injury.

Columbia and Greenville Workers Comp Lawyer

The lawyers at Ryan Montgomery Law represent the injured from the Midlands to the Upstate of South Carolina with two convenient office locations in Downtown Columbia and Greenville.  Free case reviews and consultations are offered to those who have been injured.  We feel it is important for an injured worker to know his or her rights before they have a misstep and the case gets denied. For your free consultation, please take action now to protect yourself.