​Self-Driving Cars; A New Technology Could Impact the Economy And Save Lives

With more cars and trucks on the road today, it is not surprising that vehicle crash fatalities have also steadily risen. Newer model vehicles have more safety features than ever before, often including more than 10 airbags in the vehicle to help lessen the blow and reduce injury in case of a crash, yet crash fatalities are on the rise. Self-driving cars may be a partial solution to reducing the number of fatalities.

How Self-Driving Cars Could Change The Auto Market

Self-driving cars will not completely eliminate vehicle crashes. There are some things that cannot be controlled such as the weather or possible mechanical issues or malfunctions that could lead to a collision. Nonetheless, early testing of self-driving vehicles shows great promise in terms of increased safety. Most of these new self- driving vehicles still need advanced testing before they hit the market. Historically, the auto market has been slow to adopt technological changes so it is expected that this too will take time. There are some automakers that have been reluctant to focus on this technology as a result, however the shift is inevitable. Technology giants, Apple and Google, are already leading the way. This could completely change the auto industry as we know it because right now, those companies only have smaller stakes in vehicles on the market by providing technology such as Apple Car Play. We also may see private ownership of vehicles reduced once people are able to call a self-driving vehicle to come to their location, much like Uber.

Skeptical About Self-Driving Cars?

Are you skeptical about sharing the road with self-driving cars? If you answered yes, you are not alone. A recent poll conducted by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, recorded that 64 percent of the participants were concerned about sharing the road with self-driving cars. Will the new vehicles adhere to existing safety standards? Who will be at fault if an accident occurs? Is it really a safer option? All of these concerns and unknowns will become a part of the global conversation around self- driving cars in the years to come.

Involved in a Car Accident?

Until self-driving cars become the norm, it is critical that we all stay focused when driving to avoid accidents. If you need legal assistance due to an auto accident or if you have been injured by a manufacturer’s product that failed to function properly, reach out to Ryan Montgomery Law. We may be able to help you seek financial compensation in this dire time. Contact us at (864)301-6213 to discuss your situation with our team.