Signs it is Time to Contact a Daycare Injury Lawyer

When you leave your children in the care of someone else, including a daycare, you need to be able to trust that they will treat your children well and that they will be safe until you come to pick them up at the end of the day. Unfortunately, this is not something that is necessarily true for every daycare provider. While you should fully vet any place that you are considering as your daycare provider, there may still be some issues that occur even after you have started using their services. If you have had incidents that don’t seem right, you may need to consider is now is the time to not only take your child out of daycare but also if now is the time to contact a daycare injury lawyer. These are some signs that you may need to do exactly that.

  • Unusual Marks on Your Children – If you notice that there are any unusual marks or injuries on your child and it happens frequently without explanation, there may be a serious issue. Typically, if something like this arises, the provider should be able to explain the issue, such as a specific accident or some other logical explanation.
  • Changes in Their Behavior – If your child or children start showing more aggressive behavior, it is something worth looking into. Additionally, while they may not like going to daycare at first, if they start begging your every day to not go and or act as though they are frightened you should listen to them.
  • Acting Out in a Sexual Way – If you notice your child making any sexual references or acting out sexual acts, this is a major red flag and something to act on immediately. Not only should you contact a daycare injury lawyer but you should also take your child to your pediatrician immediately.
  • The Daycare Looks Dirty or Dangerous – This is something that you should keep an eye on. If things start looking like they are not cleaned regularly or something seems dangerous, you want to make sure that you report it and contact an attorney to help you take the right steps.

If you think that you should get in contact with a daycare injury lawyer, you want to find one that will fight for you and your rights. Be sure to reach out to us today to get started and schedule a meeting to determine if you have a case.