South Carolina BMW Plant Confirms Accidental Death

Recently, a BMW assembly plant in South Carolina had an accidental death take place on site when an outside contractor was caught in a machine. When a workplace accident occurs, it can cause a serious impact on that worker’s finances, lifestyle and family.

South Carolina BMW plant confirms ‘accidental death’ following reports of person caught in machine

When a private contractor was working in the paint shop at the BMW assembly plant in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, recently, an injury lead to their death. Though BMW first responders and outside agencies responded quickly to the 10:30 AM call about an individual caught in a machine, nothing could be done to save the contractor’s life. Outside agencies that responded included Pelham Batesville Fire Department and Pelham-Batesville EMS.

The death was confirmed by both BMW as well as Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger. Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office investigated the accident. BMW did all the appropriate things at the time, including sending first responders to provide aid and closing down the paint shop and investigating the accident, but the real question is what else could have been done to prevent this tragedy.

Was the contractor provided with BMW’s procedures? Were there appropriate cautionary materials highlighting dangerous parts of the machinery that could have helped prevent the death? Was someone assigned to ensure that the outside worker came to no harm? Was the contractor provided sufficient safety training to prevent accidents in the paint shop?

When workplace tragedies take place, it impacts more than just the worker involved. It can cause problems as family dynamics shift in an attempt to pick up lost income, cover hospital or doctor appointments or handle final arrangements.

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