South Carolina Driving Laws You Probably Don’t Know About

Driving laws tend to fall into one of two distinct categories – those that don’t really vary too much from state-to-state and those state-specific rules that often have travelers scratching their heads. South Carolina is certainly not unique in this way and, in fact, has several interesting driving laws that you likely may not know about.

South Carolina’s Driving Laws: Breaking Them Down

One of the lesser known driving laws in South Carolina that often catches people off guard is one that forbids drivers from getting in the left lane on highways and staying there for any lengthy period. As per state laws, the left lane is ONLY to be used for passing another vehicle or to prepare for an upcoming left turn. If you use the left lane in any other way, you could be subject to a $155 fine and up to two points on your license.

Another odd South Carolina driving law prohibits the use of obscene bumper stickers, terms which themselves are very broadly defined as any material that is “harmful to children.” Violating this law with any words or pictures on your car that are ultimately deemed to be indecent could see you end up with a fine of up to $200.

Not all South Carolina driving laws prohibit actions from drivers. Some forbid actions that other states do not, which itself can be quite confusing. State law requires that a car’s headlights be on whenever the windshield wipers are on. Additionally, headlights must be turned on from a half hour before sunset to a half hour after sunrise.

A strange South Carolina law is the fact that motorcyclists, people on bikes or moped operators, can run a red light at an intersection if the light has stayed red for at least 120 seconds. Along the same lines, while many other states prohibit the use of headphones while driving, regulators in South Carolina seem to have absolutely no problem with this because SC law does not prohibit people from driving while wearing earbuds or headphones.

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