South Carolina Fifth-Grader Dies After Classroom Fight

Wrongful death attorneys see all types of cases. From deaths due to negligent driving, to deaths from badly managed medical care, families have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit after the death of a loved one when there was negligent or willful wrongdoing.

SC Wrongful Death Case at School

Consider the case of South Carolina fifth-grader, Raniya Wright, who collapsed after a fight in a Forest Hills Elementary School Classroom. Although she was still breathing when authorities arrived, she died two days later at the Medical University of South Carolina. While school authorities wouldn’t respond to questions, Raniya’s mother Ash Wright took to Facebook, stating that there has to be an end to school bullying.

Another student was suspended pending a further investigation. it is not clear what the injuries were and what caused the death of Raniya Wright, but collapsing in school during a fight makes it clear that something happened to this young girl while in school.

Bullying in Schools

Bullying impacts children all over, and it is a widespread problem for many schools throughout the United States. Students have the right to receive a quality education without fear of being bullied, yet schools are not meeting the needs of many young students. Ash Wright went to officials at the school a number of times to discuss the bullying of Raniya, yet the same student she complained about each time was the one suspended for the incident.

The school is responsible for keeping children safe while they are in school. For students who are bullied, going to school can feel like a daily nightmare. When your child gets hurt in school, you have the right to know what happened to cause your child’s injuries. If your child is being bullied by other students, it is important to stay in touch with the school constantly to see what the school is doing to rectify the situation. If your child has been killed while at school because of bullying, it’s time to get what you need to move forward and protect your financial future. Wrongful death attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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