South Carolina Injury Guide To Social Media

Social Media Guide for the South Carolina Injured

You’ve been hurt in a car accident or you have a workers’ compensation injury and now you worry someone might be watching you or your social media sites.  Well, you are probably right.  There is a growing trend among employers, insurance adjusters and attorneys to search your social media sites. They want to know if you are being truthful, if you are being active or if there is anything that can be used to deny your claim or limit your medical benefits.    All of our new clients receive a handout that is titled “Social Media Will Ruin Your Case“.  This is not because someone is lying but rather because the intent is to deny claims if at all possible.  See our suggested Social Media guidelines** for the injured:

  1.  DO NOT POST On Social Media PERIOD.  That is the easiest way to limit what will be scene. Note you cannot “delete” old posts as it could be considered destroying evidence;
  2. See #1 but if you must post then please read on…
  3. Make Your Settings Private-   This is easier said than done. with every Facebook update that you download from the app store there is the chance that your privacy settings go back to public;
  4. Don’t add co-workers or new friends during your claim;
  5. Don’t re-post old pictures of when you were being active.  They will assume the picture is current and accurate as of the day it is posted;
  6. Do not let someone “tag” you in photos.  That will share across their social media, your social media and friends of friends can see it and share it;
  7. Do not check in anywhere.  Easiest way to know where you are and what you are doing is to check in;
  8. Do not leave online reviews.  Again, another way to see what you are doing on a daily basis;
  9. Do not let friends or relatives post pictures of you.  A savvy investigator will check your friends and family pages too;
  10. If you have hobby’s like hunting or fishing, do not post on the various message boards – “how’s the red fish bite been? I am thinking about fishing this weekend”; and
  11. **This is not an extensive list so contact an injury attorney for my recommendations.

Perception Can Be Reality in Injury Cases

Whenever you post or write something you must assume that it will be presented to a Judge or a Workers Compensation Commissioner.  They do not know you and your post will be left to interpretation. Every post should include you thinking “what would a judge think about this post”.  Because we cannot always guess what a judge or work comp commissioner might think, we always recommend that you not post at all.  The judge’s perception of your post can quickly become your reality.

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