Study Names Greer, South Carolina Drivers as the Worst in the Nation

Some South Carolina Drivers Top the List for Worst Drivers

An insurance Quote website has released a study that determines the Nation’s worst drivers.  As expected there are some larger cities like Boston, Indianapolis and Milwaukee.  Those larger cities have nothing on Greer, South Carolina, Greer tops the list with the worst drivers in the United States.  According to the study, Greer ranks at the top of the list for at-fault car accidents and at the top of the list for likelihood of receiving a speeding. In Greer a driver is 103% more likely to get a speeding ticker than the average driver and 63% more likely to get into an at-fault car accident than the average driver.  Interesting is that Greer proper only boasts a population of just over 30,000. One has to wonder if it is actually residents of Greer that are getting into the accidents or people from neighboring cities like Greenville, Spartanburg, Taylors, etc.   People from Columbia and the Midlands are happy as they did not make the list.

Greer Car Wrecks Aren’t the Only Problem in South Carolina

About every six (6) in there is a car wreck in the United States.  That is over 5 Million car wrecks per year. The statistics are staggering.   According to the Highway Patrol, in 2017 South Carolina had 565 fatal car accidents with 613 people loosing their lives.  So far in 2018 we have already matched that total of fatal car accidents at 565 and already have 607 car accident deaths.  Unfortunately, 2018 is shaping up to be a deadly year. In an effort to counter these wrecks, the South Carolina Highway Patrol has released its summer time guide to safe travel to the beach.

South Carolina Car Accident Lawyers

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