Teacher Sexual Assault Cases

Teacher Student Sexual Assault and Abuse Injury

It seems I cannot turn on the news or  look on Facebook and not see a case where a school teacher or school counselor had an inappropriate relation with an underage student. On Facebook, I have one friend that posts links to all the various reports which illustrates the overwhelming number of these cases of inappropriate educator student relationships.  As a parent of a high school teenager, I entrust my child and his well being to a school and the staff of that school to educate him and to protect him while I am not present.  What happens when the school fails to do so?

Sexual Abuse and Assault Lawsuit against School and School District

Aside from having a potential lawsuit against the abuser (in addition to the criminal charges against the perpetrator), the assaulted or abused may also have a claim against the school or the school district.   The school may have violated policy in hiring the school counselor, not properly monitored the teacher, and/or turned a blind eye to rumors or student reports of misconduct by the teacher.  If this has happened then the abused through their parents (if a minor) may have a claim or right to file a lawsuit to recover not only actual damages (medical care, counseling, etc.) but also non economic damages such as now having to deal with the long term effects of this avoidable abuse.

Teacher Sex Abuse Cases on the Rise

According to the The Children’s Center for Psychiatry, Psychology, and Related Services, teacher sexual abuse is on the rise.  According to this same article:

  • “Of children in 8th through 11th grade, about 3.5 million students (nearly 7%) surveyed reported having had physical sexual contact from an adult (most often a teacher or coach). The type of physical contact ranged from unwanted touching of their body, all the way up to sexual intercourse.
  • This statistic increases to about 4.5 million children (10%) when it takes other types of sexual misconduct into consideration, such as being shown pornography or being subjected to sexually explicit language or exhibitionism.
  • Very often, other teachers “thought there might be something going on”, but were afraid to report a fellow educator if they were wrong. They didn’t want to be responsible for “ruining a person’s life,” although that is exactly what they are doing to the child if they don’t speak up, thus allowing the abuse to continue”

Why are Sexual abuse cases on the rise?

One explanation was offered by the Washington which according to the Washington Post, about 80% of children age 12 – 17 have a cell phone and 94% have a Facebook account.  The Post said stated that about 36 percent of those accused or convicted of an inappropriate relationship with a student – were reported to have used social media to start or continue those relationships.    This shows that children are still just that, children, and must be protected so what safeguards are put in place by the school?

Child and Student Sexual Abuse Assault Lawyer in South Carolina

If you believe your child has been abuse, assaulted or had an inappropriate relationship with an educator, whether that be a teacher, counsel or coach, then as a parent you have a duty to act on behalf of the minor.  The first step might be to meet with a personal injury or sex abuse lawyer to discuss your rights, the case and how best to proceed. Many law firm offer a free consultation and work on a contingency fee.  We offer both- meaning there is no up front charge and only if there is a recovery of money do we receive an attorney fee.  Please feel free to contact us to schedule a free meeting with a South Carolina sexual abuse and assault lawyer now.

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