The Importance of Obtaining Your South Carolina Car Accident Report

When you call the police after a car accident, they will arrive at the scene and complete a report. That report will contain information that can be used to support your insurance claim or car accident lawsuit. It’s important to follow up with the police department that finalized your report and obtain it as evidence in your case.

How to Get an Official Copy of Your Car Accident Report

An important step after a crash is obtaining an official copy of your car accident report. In order to get the right documents, you need to know which police department responded to the scene of your accident.

Greenville Police Department

If an officer from the Greenville Police Department wrote your police report, then you can make a request for the document by calling Public Records at (864) 467-5257. They will prepare your record and you can pick it up at the Law Enforcement Center, which is located at 4 McGee Street, Greenville, SC 29601.

Greenville County Sheriff’s Office

If the cop who arrived at your crash was from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, then you can request a crash report by calling the office at (864) 271-5210. You may also request an accident report in person at the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, 4 McGee Street, Greenville, SC 29601.

Other Locations in South Carolina

If your crash occurred outside of Greenville County, you should contact the police department of the officer who responded to your accident. You may also search online to determine if the office has a web database for crash reports.

You may wait a few weeks until the crash report has been filed with the South Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A report can be requested by mailing a request for collision report Form FR-50 to SCDMV, P.O. Box 1498, Blythewood, SC 29016-0050. You can also request a collision report online through the online database.

How to Read and Understand a Crash Report

The crash report used by police in South Carolina is the TR-310 form. When you receive your crash report, it will contain basic information about your accident. It will list the location, drivers involved, vehicle owners, contact and personal information for everyone, and a diagram describing what happened during the crash.

In addition to the detailed descriptions provided, there will be numbers throughout the document. It can be confusing with seemingly random codes and numbers listed. There are keys located on the form next to the boxes in which the numbers are placed that indicate what the numbers mean.

For example, under the Injury Status box, which will be completed for everyone involved in the crash, each number represents the severity of injury. A “0” indicates no injury, “1” means possible injury, “2” means non-incapacitating injury, “3” means incapacitating injury, and “4” means fatal injury.

Each box has several numbers that can be listed in it to describe the crash that occurred.

A Greenville Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

It’s typically best to let your Greenville car accident lawyer handle obtaining your report, as this will save you time and stress that you don’t need. It’s important to get the report as soon as possible so your attorney can use it to understand who is at fault and who may be financially liable in your case. This will allow you to file an insurance claim as soon as possible and get the maximum amount of compensation possible.

The legal team at Ryan Montgomery Law is familiar with South Carolina accident reports and can easily get yours on your behalf. Call us to schedule a free consultation about your car accident.