Trucking Accident Wrecks on the Rise

Greenville South Carolina Trucking Crashes

Recently the Greenville, South Carolina I-85 and I-385 interchange and roadwork finished. Now with that work done, the work has shifted north on I-85 above Spartanburg where the interstate goes into two lanes and is a mess thereby leading to more crashes. Semi-trucks are instructed to use the left lane not the right as is customary so in that confusion they use both lanes preventing the average driver to be able to safely pass these big-rigs. With this road construction underway and with no end in sight what happens if you get into a trucking accident in South Carolina with one of these massive vehicles?

Potential Reasons for Upstate Trucking Accidents

There are many reasons that trucking accidents occur. I remember as a kid that trucks would simply drive in the right lane and when we passed I would ask them to honk their horns and they would oblige. Now with mounting pressure that more and faster is always betters some corners can be cut and we see drivers being pressured into driving illegally.

Some reasons that we see more and more South Carolina truck crashes include:

  • Speeding
  • Brake Failures or Poor Truck Maintenance
  • Fuel Fires
  • Alcohol or Drug Impaired Truck Drivers
  • Tired Truckers With Altered Safety Logs
  • Carrying Overweight Loads

Greenville, SC Truck Accident Attorney

For those that have been involved in a accident with a large truck there is help. An experienced lawyer knows how to get the black box of data from the vehicle, how to obtain the driver logs and really to determine why the accident occurred and could it have been prevented. Attorney Ryan Montgomery offers free consultations on all trucking wreck cases so schedule your free consultation now.

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