What is a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Informal Conference?

What is a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Informal Conference?

As you may know from other blog entries, I was admitted to practice law in 2000.  For about the first 8-9 years I did what we call “defense work” which is where I was hired by the insurance carrier to defend workers’ compensation claims and people being sued in car accident and other personal injury cases.  In a South Carolina workers’ compensation claim an injured worker should receive medical care.  Once that doctor releases that injured worker from care saying that they are at maximum medical improvement (basically as good as they can get) then the insurance carrier may file for a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Informal Conference to determine if the injured worker is entitled to money benefits for the injury.

What to Expect at an Informal Conference?

The injured workers (if not represented by a lawyer) will have to go this conference and meet with a lawyer for the insurance company or meet with an actual insurance adjuster.  At that point that insurance adjuster or insurance lawyer will make an offer to settle. In my past experience as an insurance lawyer I was often instructed to settle as cheap as a could or don’t go over a certain figure.  I always looked better with my client (the insurance company) the less I paid.   This is part of the reason I switched sides and now help the injured worker!

Once an offer is made by the insurance lawyer then the injured worker accepts the offer or doesn’t. If accepted then there is a deputy Commissioner there to make sure it is not too low.  That does not mean it is the highest you could get just that it is not too low.

What to Do Before an Informal Conference

Most Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation.  I tell my friends and family to at least take a advantage of free consultation.   We offer free consultations. In that consultation you actually meet with a lawyer not a paralegal or “intake specialist”.  If you would like to meet to discuss your options, contact me nowThere is no charge for the meeting and if you hire us there is no fee until we recover money for you.