What To Do After Being Injured In A Car Accident In South Carolina

There are hundreds of auto accidents in the U.S. every day. Every time you get behind the wheel you are literally taking your life in your hands. Even if you are an excellent driver, you always have to worry about the other guy. Auto accidents are one of the top causes of injury and death in America, and the reality is whenever you’re in a moving motor vehicle, you’re at risk of injury or death. If you do have an accident, you need to know what to do to ensure your safety and to protect your rights. It’s important that you retain the services of an experienced car accident attorney in South Carolina.

Know What To Do When An Accident Happens

  • Assess the situation and call 911. The first thing to do is to determine if anyone is injured, including yourself. Then you must call the police, and if you are too incapacitated to do it, an uninjured passenger or bystander must do so if one is available, according to SC state law. Tell the dispatcher the location of the accident and whether or not there are any injuries. Do not leave the scene.
  • File a police report. It is vitally important to have the facts in the case accurately documented by the authorities if you decide to pursue a personal injury claim, and your insurance company will require one.
  • Exchange insurance and contact information. Make sure this information is accurate. This information will also be accessible from the police report. You should also write down the other vehicle’s license plate number.
  • Take pictures. Take photos of the damage to the vehicles and especially of any injuries to yourself or your passengers. Photographic evidence is essential if you pursue a personal injury lawsuit with a car accident attorney in South Carolina.
  • Send notification to your insurance company. Do this as soon as possible after the accident. Be honest and provide every detail, no matter how trivial it may seem.
  • Keep a record of your medical treatment. Take note of the doctors and other medical professionals who treat you, and of any medications you are prescribed. Ask for copies of all reports and bills to document your expenses. Also, keep a record of how your injuries have impacted your personal life, such as missed work and activities.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, it’s important to ensure that your rights to compensation are protected. Contact Ryan Montgomery for a free and confidential consultation.