Why South Carolina Semi Truck Accident Victims Need Legal Representation

If you’ve been injured or had your property damaged in a semi truck accident, you should understand the importance of acquiring legal representation. Not only should you speak with an attorney, you should ensure that your lawyer has experience with trucking accidents. For now, take just a moment to learn why trucking accidents have become such a serious problem in South Carolina and how the right attorney can make a tremendous difference.

South Carolina Trucking Accidents

Explore the reasons why it’s important to contact an attorney with experience in semi accidents:

Trucking Accidents Tend to be Serious

Average cars weigh about 4,000 pounds. In contrast, the average loaded semi truck weighs almost 10 times as much as a typical passenger car, and a payload can easily double that weight. In South Carolina, these large rigs can’t weigh more than 80,000 pounds fully loaded, but that’s still 20 times the weight of the average sedan. In addition, 18-wheelers are longer, wider, and much more difficult to control.

Typically, trained, rested drivers with properly loaded and maintained vehicles help avoid accidents. However, when they do occur, they’re much more likely to result in serious injuries and property damage. Also, trucking companies don’t always adhere to the best safety practices or even comply with legal rules. An experienced trucking attorney will understand the factors that contribute to these kinds of serious accidents and know how to investigate them.

Trucking Accidents Are Complex

Trucking accidents aren’t just different because of the size and weight of the semi. Explore some reasons that properly investigating a semi truck accident takes more experience and effort than exploring a typical car accident:

  • Multiple parties: Very often, truck accidents involve more than just an error on the part of the driver. Investigators may need to look into the trucking company, maintenance crew, truck loading practices, and even the manufacturer. Each involved party may try to place blame on another one, so the lawyer needs the resources to properly figure out if one or multiple parties are liable.
  • Multiple states: While the injured victims may be South Carolina residents, it’s likely that a semi driver and his company could be from anywhere in the United States. Because these kinds of legal matters often involve different jurisdictions, commercial laws, and even federal regulations, a lawyer needs to navigate a more complex set of rules.
  • Insurance companies: Certainly all stakeholders should have their trucks and drivers insured against accidents. As with most businesses, commercial insurance adjusters will be motivated to minimize your injuries and damages in order to settle for as little as possible. You should definitely discuss your insurance settlement offer with a good attorney before you agree to it.
  • Complex causes: Truck accidents can stem from one or multiple failures on the part of drivers or other stakeholders. Failure to maintain the vehicle, secure cargo correctly, get adequate rest, or ensure driving training are just a few typical causes that a good truck accident attorney will explore in your case.

How to Find the Best Lawyer for a Semi Truck Accident

If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident, you have a lot at stake. Not only is Ryan Montgomery an experienced and successful trucking attorney, he takes cases on contingency. This means that you won’t incur any responsibility for legal bills until you’ve already received a settlement, and the fees will only amount to a transparent portion of the settlement. Contact us right away to explain your semi truck accident.