Workplace Safety and Summer Heat

Workplace accidents are not uncommon, but add in the element of summer heat and they get even more dangerous. Ryan Montgomery, a workplace injury attorney, has represented many injured victims in South Carolina when they need professional legal representation the most. With years of experience fighting for maximum compensation for his clients, he can speak on your behalf while you take the necessary time to heal and recover from your work place injuries. To get the compensation that you deserve for these injuries, you must contact legal representation immediately following your workplace accident in South Carolina.

Legal Requirements for Employers

Not protecting one’s employees working in a hot environment can result in complaints to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. In South Carolina, the agency will then conduct follow-up inspections which can lead to citations and fines. The law states that a workplace must be free from hazards that could lead to death or serious harm to employees, this can include the heat. If you or a loved one sustain a workplace injury due to the heat, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

About Workers’ Compensation in South Carolina

In South Carolina, temporary disability benefits are given to those who must take off seven days or more of work because of their work place injury. They are not paid for the first seven days of disability only if they miss more than 14 days of work. These workers’ compensation benefits will equate to about two-thirds of their average weekly wage. However, there is a maximum amount the state has in place.

If you have completed your medical treatment and are deemed permanently disabled, permanent total disability benefits are awarded. These injured victims continue to receive their weekly payments at the same rate. They might be eligible for additional benefits too. When someone is receiving workers’ compensation benefits, they may also receive vocational rehabilitation, mileage reimbursement, medical benefits and in severe cases, death benefits and funeral expenses. A work injury attorney such as Ryan Montgomery can explain these workers’ compensation benefits to each injured victim that he represents to make sure that they’re getting the compensation they deserve.

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As a workplace injury lawyer, Ryan Montgomery helps those who have been hurt on the job, whether from the heat or any other reason. As an injured worker in South Carolina, you have rights and the Ryan Montgomery Law Firm will protect them every step of the legal way. To learn more about his legal services as a work injury attorney and to schedule a free consultation today, call his Greenville law office at 864-362-3183