Too often in South Carolina, elderly or disabled residents of long-term care facilities, nursing homes and assisted living care facilities are not getting the attention they require, and sometimes have to compete with dozens of other residents for the attention of an employee in an understaffed nursing home. As a result, residents who require assistance in activities of daily living such as feeding, bathing, toileting, walking, etc., are not receiving adequate care. Such neglect can lead to disastrous consequences such as debilitating falls, the development of painful and immobilizing decubitus ulcers, malnutrition and sometimes death.

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Your Loved One Has Rights

Any nursing home or home health care facility that accepts Medicaid funds must also abide by government regulations setting minimum standards for the care of residents in these facilities. Many of these regulations are regulated and addressed by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) and are administered through the South Carolina state government.

HCFA regulations set guidelines for the evaluation, care and treatment of residents, aimed at maximizing the quality of each resident’s daily life and minimizing abuse and neglect. Notwithstanding the requirements of HCFA, substandard care of residents has become an increasingly growing and troubling problem.

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    Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse



    Unexplained injuries



    Hygiene issues

    Improper medication

    Dehydration and malnutrition

    And even death

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    Home Health Care Abuse

    Nursing home facilities are not the only entities guilty of neglecting or abusing our elderly or disabled loved ones. Often, home health care facilities are hired to provide certain services and these home health care nurses or employees are unsupervised when in the home.

    As a result they may fail to provide proper care resulting in injury or neglect to the patient.

    Contact A Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

    It is understandable that our first reaction when a loved one is neglected is a sense of anger and then betrayal, especially if we were the one who entrusted the nursing home facility with our loved one. If someone you know or love has been the victim of nursing home negligence, then contact Greenville, South Carolina, nursing home neglect lawyer, Ryan Montgomery, for free consultation to discuss your rights and to protect your family.

    Mr. Montgomery serves the families and victims of nursing home abuse, injury and neglect throughout all of Upstate South Carolina which includes Anderson, Greenville and Spartanburg.

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