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Product liability laws have to do with the responsibility that manufacturers, vendors, advertisers and maintenance companies have with regard to products that they create, promote or put into use. When someone is injured or killed because of a dangerous or defective product, the possibility of a product liability claim or lawsuit should be explored. Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law, LLC, represents clients in legal actions against companies that make and distribute dangerous and defective products. Product recalls are often an indication that people injured by those products have an opportunity to be compensated. Contact Columbia, SC Injury Attorney Ryan Montgomery, Attorney at Law, LLC, if you were harmed after consuming products named in recalls such as:

Motor vehicle accidents and workplace accidents often develop into product liability cases.

People often assume that a car or truck accident is the result of a traffic violation or traffic congestion. In fact, however, crashes do not always cause serious injuries. A detailed investigation may reveal that a driver or passenger would probably have emerged from an accident without serious injury if it were not for defective car components such as brakes, airbags, tires, gas tanks or seat belts.

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Workers’ Compensation And Third-Party Liability Lawsuits

Likewise, many people assume that the way to recover compensation after a workplace accident is through workers’ compensation. While this is generally true, it is also often the case that a defective product in the workplace contributed to or caused injuries. A third-party liability claim against a manufacturer can bring much-needed financial relief to an injured worker.

Attorney Ryan Montgomery is well prepared to evaluate your case and get your injury claim underway if you were injured by a product that has been named in a product recall, injured because of a defective car part or injured on the job while using machinery or equipment.

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